b'OPERATIONS DSM47opportunity to be heard. Young says it alsoelevator for the level of access required. Architects consequently improves buy-in. We want stakeholders tomoved one of the elevators that was going to be in a sterile area understand that were looking out for themto a location where it could be used by outside service people and that they have a big role to play in thisand non-badged airline employees. To keep the change within project. budget, they moved another elevator but kept its shaft in place.Bryan Belt, DSMs director of Engineering,That way, the infrastructure is already there if future growth says that the fact-finding mission is crucial.requires another elevator. If DSM had opened and determined We cant design without data. But when theBRYAN BELT they needed that elevator, that would have been a lot more project isnt affecting tenants directly thatexpensive, Young explains. Plus, the employees would have day, they dont worry about it. Chrysalis has been great at alwayssuffered while they were working on getting that up and going. keeping in front of them, making sure we have the data in a timelyAnother example popped up during discussions with the manner, so we can be making those decisions during design. airlines about bridges that were going to lose function while the Its a lot of questions. And although there arent always immediate answers, every bit of information has valueoften for problem solving and budgeting. For example, if an airlines new break room will be the same square footage but the configuration will be different, the carrier may need to budget for new lockers in 18 months; or perhaps the space can be redesigned to allow the airline to reuse its lockers. Looking AheadMultiple rounds of stakeholder meetings capture the current situation and help groups think through future growth plans, too. If TSA shifts to 100% employee screening, what does that look like? If DSM decides to add self-service bag drop in three years, how do we plan for that now? When the car rental agencies start adding more electric vehicles, how many charging stations will they need? Where? When?That future planning requires a bit of soul searching, says John Buckner, Anser Advisory vice president. You dont want to overbuild or underbuild. The tenants and airlines know that a market like Des Moines is growing and going to continue to grow, andThe best airport facility programs begin with the end they want to be prepared for that. in mind.Planning and budgeting for operational readiness will not only ensure Day One success, but Building a new facility and promptly havingwill also save real project dollars along the way.to modify is a bit of a pet peeve for Young. Of course, theres a cost implication, he says. But the operational side of things getsDont take the plunge without impacted as well. For example, if TSA does goyour Chrysalis ORAT team.to 100% employee screening, were trying to make sure the facility is still well-designed to support those needs.One area that could be affected by thatOwner advocates, potential future change is the loading dock where external vendors such as UPS andORAT experts.FedEx come in, and trash goes out. Through the ORAT process, it was identified in an earlychrysalisaviation.aerodesign stage that the plan lacked a convenient AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'