b'HANGARSPGV95In total, the project cost $9,808,462, andarose, everybody kind of worked together as a team to resolve it, fully $9,799,463 was paid for with CARESversus how it is some other times.Act funding.It was an exciting project because grantCommunity Projectmoney is rarely available to air carrier airportsBeyond generating extra revenue for PGV, the new hangars to build hangars, says Jay Talbert of Talbertmay also stand as a symbol of rejuvenation for an industry that & Bright, the civil engineering firm behind thegenerates more than 1,000 jobs in the Greenville area and brings project. And theyre currently working on aJAY TALBERT in millions of dollars to the local economy. In 2019, PGV recorded project that will add two more good-sized corporate hangers inan output of $280.7 million and provided 1,650 jobs. addition to these five that were recently completed.Looking forward, each new hangar could potentially yield an Construction on the two additional hangars is expected toadditional $100,000 in annual lease revenue for the airport. On commence this fall, with projected completion in fall 2024. top of direct airport revenue, the companies that will ultimately rent the spaces could bring in more jobs and revenue for the Supply Chain Hurdles community as a whole. The project broke ground in July 2022, andDuring the project, the Airport Authority made a concerted effort construction coincided with a series of now- to invest in the region by working largely with eastern North Carolina infamous supply chain hiccups that throttledfirms. Dunn & Dalton, the project architect, has been a fixture of the production worldwide. One of the challengesnearby small town of Kinston for nearly 30 years. Farrior & Sons is a with the project was the crazy lead time forfourth-generation North Carolina family business. steel and electrical components, notes EricThe new hangars are located just off North Memorial Drive, Stumph of Talbert & Bright. [That] causedERIC STUMPHone of Greenvilles busiest roads, offering passing drivers a some consternation and some juggling as the project moved. front-row view of what their neighbors have built together. Its At times, key components would go adrift in supply chainvery visible to the community, where those buildings are located, limbo. We would have the entire building there and all thesays Farrior. You dont see that every day around east North panels.but not the clips that held everything together,Carolina. We were excited to be a part of a large project that is remembers Talbert. [The supplier] left those out of the package.highly visible to the public.They were somewhere on a ship off Los Angeles, sitting out there, and couldnt get to Greenville. So we lived through all of that on this project, but it ended up being a great project.Of course, its never easy to venture into new funding territory. I think we were one of the first through the door to use [CARES Act] money for something like this, Hopper says. And so that was a very big learning process for both the FAA and for the airport.There were delays in the reimbursement, but a big part of that is just because of it being a new process. Eventually, the FAA worked with us, and then we did start getting reimbursement much more quickly. But it was very much a learning process for theCUSTOM TENSION FABRIC BUILDINGSFAA, and for the airport. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. Through each uncertainty, the team pulled together. Bill Hopper was absolutely amazingRAPID INSTALLATION.to work with and very accommodating, says Bill Farrior Jr. of construction contractorFully Customizable Concept to InstallationFarrior & Sons. It wasFast-Track Construction Patented Attachment Systemalso the first time weveIn-House Engineering Relocatableever worked with Talbert & Bright, and they were also really easy to workCall for more information, or to receive a quote for as well. If a problemBILL FARRIOR JR 877.259.1528| LEGACYBUILDINGSOLUTIONS.COMAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'