b'28 LNK AIR SERVICE DEVELOPMENTThe airport addedWay focuses on leisure destinations. In addition, the sole aircraft service to sevenit uses begins and ends its day at the same airport to simplify popular vacation andmaintenance and decrease catering and crew costs. In time, Red convention markets.Way aspires to hire flight attendants based in Lincoln to further cut its operating expenses and stimulate the local economy through the addition of jobs.The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce helps with Red Ways marketing, and LNK provides approximately 30 employees for ground handling. Wangler, who also consults for LNK on air service development through his firm Forecast Inc., says having an airport-run ground handling team may later benefit LNK because it could offer those services as an added value to new entrants. Now weve got the people and equipment, he says, adding that the return of Delta or the addition of American Airlines, for International (PHX) and Tampa International Airport (TPA), plusexample, would complement LNKs existing service.potentially one more sunshine-centric market. Wangler intendsGarnering local buy-in for the upstart airline was critical, as to fly year-round, in some cases swapping markets to maximizesometimes innovations can be a hard sell. Haring acknowledges peak seasonality. Red Ways model allows for easy schedulingthat convincing Lincoln stakeholders about the merits of going it flexibility.on their own required upfront effort.Years ago, Wangler cut his teeth in the industry under MauryIt was so different than what people had seen in the past that Gallagher of Allegiant Travel Company, whose business modelwe needed to do some grassroots [campaigning], he recalls. clearly influenced the Red Way approach. Like Allegiant, RedHis strategy was to explain that Red Way would not be a typical BNA - NashvilleLAX - Los AngelesLEADERS IN AIRPORT DESIGNfentressarchitects.comDEN - Denver MCO - OrlandoSeptember 2023AirportImprovement.com'