b'64 SEA OPERATIONSRossiytseva says that working at an airport is a unique role for a mental health professional due to the unique combination of people there who are homeless and in crisis. As a result, the job requires a creative and unique set of solutions. Bregel agrees there isnt a single solution for dealing with unhoused visitors in airports. But, in the current environment, extra resources are best for SEA. We have a lot of people in the airport who arent equipped to handle situations like this on their own, who arent trained to intervene, she says. The police department is probably the best-equipped to handle these situations, however, some issues arent necessarily policing issues. Often, the general public doesnt understand that if individuals in crisis are removed from the airport, there isnt necessarily a place to take them. During the COVID pandemic, the already limited capacity in the jails, shelters and inpatient treatment facilities was drastically reduced. Its very simple to say, Take them somewhere else. And it sounds like a great idea; but where are you going to take them? Bregel asks rhetorically. Thats where SEA Cares makes a differenceby connecting homeless people at the airport with organizations that can A crisis coordinator and a mental health professional connect homelessprovide them with help.people with organizations that can provide them with help.THE QUEENS AWARDS FOR ENTERPRISE:INTERNATIONAL TRADE2021September 2023AirportImprovement.com'