b'16 ORD TERMINALSImproving Comfort, Encouraging Relaxationfresh and invitingwith more sculpture and From a design standpoint, the new T5 has soft shapes and lightdifferent types of shapes throughout their colors. Its very calming and doesnt have the chaotic feeling youterminal, says Krista Tapley, director of sales can often experience at airports, Steele remarks. A lot of airportsfor Arconas. Every piece of furniture we put have an overabundance of materials and lighting and signs. Thein there had power.real goal here was to calm the experience and make the wayfindingStand-alone workstations are equipped intuitive. And, when you have people coming into the country whowith power and stools. dont speak the language, you want to make it easy for them toThe core area between the terminalsKRISTA TAPLEYfind their way without having to read a sign. two concourses features extensively renovated gates, more Overall, ORD added about 90 displays for flight information,concessions options and tall windows that overlook the airfield.gate information, baggage directory, baggage claim and customGate M17 can accommodate aircraft as large as the A380, content for counter displays. International Display Systems Inc.and its exciting to see that giant plane pull up within 20 feet of expanded the information and wayfinding systems it originallythe windows, says Steele. All the seating faces out toward that. supplied in T5 to accommodate the expansion and renovations. Little kids get excited when that plane comes in and they jump up For improved passenger comfort, the project added more thanand down.2,900 seats, 900 power modules (with 3,600 charging outlets) andOften, a 747-800 comes in a few minutes after the A380. Its a 60 Nova C modular wood seating systems from Arconas. All gatewonderful sight, he adds. Part of the design of the new terminal areas have designated companion seating in addition to seats thatwas to open up views to the airfield. Now, when people are comply with requirements In the Americans with Disabilities Act.waiting for their planes, they have an extraordinary view. A lot of The Chicago Department of Aviation emphasized the needthe architecture is the airfield when you are inside the terminal.to have a variety of seating options. They wanted something Elevate Your Career withAccess training programs to enhance your job skillsREADY TO TAKE YOUR CAREER TO NEW HEIGHTS? Explore OnDemand self-paced training.Invest in your future to unlock endless possibilities in the aviation industry!Dont just take our word for it. Hear from our satisfied learners who have successfully transformed their careers through the ATO:The airport safety courses gave me a head start on my job with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in my role. This platform is a game-changer for professional development. - Sarah R., Airport Contracted OperatorAirport Training OnDemand caters to the needs of small/regional carriers perfectly. The courses are relevant, engaging, and have helped enhance our staff skills SSinstruction.com- David L., Small/Regional Carrier Representative 480.699.3743 x8Disclaimer: Offer valid until [12/1/2023] Use Promo ATO10 for 10% off. Terms and conditions apply.September 2023AirportImprovement.com'