b'OPERATIONSSEA65For Rossiytseva, building partnerships with outside agenciesWe have a lot of people in the airport that have big hearts, and is key to the success of SEA Cares. Its difficult to find socialthey want to help, Bregel says, noting that offering free meals service agencies that will work with the airport, she says, citingor blankets can actually hinder coordinated efforts at the airport. limited funding or lack of staff who can come to the airport toInstead, she encourages well-intentioned airport staff to donate or meet with individuals in crisis. volunteer with organizations that partner with SEA Cares. Were not a city, were not a county, were not any of theBregel considers the Airports Council International-North types of departments where funding is directed, Bregel pointsAmerica an invaluable resource for learning about what other out. So its been a challenge to create partnerships with someairports across the country are doing to address the situation and of the social service agencies that do contract with cities ordiscovering new ideas to consider at SEA. departments.Bregel and Rossiytseva recently created a partnership with a local outreach team, the Recovery Navigator Program, that walks with them through the airport several times each month to make contact with people sleeping at the airport or who are otherwise trying to make SEA facilities their de facto home. Its really focused on diversion, Rossiytseva explains. Instead ofTAKE YOUR issuing a trespass notice or doing something related to the criminal justice system, we try to offer services to take care of those needs. CAREER TOPartnerships include:cooperating with the King County MobileNEW HEIGHTSCrisis Team and other social service agencies to facilitate connections to resources for people experiencing homelessness;OBTAIN YOUR MBA INestablishing a three-year agreement with the city of Seattle for law enforcementAVIATION MANAGEMENTsupport with recurring unlawful actions; and Master the skills to soar in your career with a masterscollaborating with the city of Buriensdegree in aviation management from Vaughn. Crime Reduction Unit and HumanBenefit fromServices team to address encampments that are outside the airport but on Port property in Burien.A DIVERSE CURRICULUM that equips you to handle the latest industry advancements in aviation, including Positive Impact information technology, aviation environmental issues, occupational safety for airports, managerial accounting Since SEA Cares has been up and running,and more. informal surveys indicate that airport and airline employees feel safer and more secure at theFLEXIBLE SCHEDULING that fits your needs, with airport. Bregel shares her experience andcoursework available online and in-person, full-time and knowledge of crisis communications by makingpart-time, and the personal attention of Vaughns highly presentations to airport stakeholders such asaccomplished faculty. airline, airport and tenant employees about howSOLID INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS to help propel to engage effectively and deescalate situations.your next career move. She covers dealing with upset or agitated customers, when to involve law enforcement,EASY APPLICATION PROCESSNo GMAT or GRE which number to call in various situations andrequired, and there are a variety of financial aid options.what kind of information to provide emergency responders. She also cautions employees about offering assistance to those seeking shelter at SEAENGINEERING|TECHNOLOGY|MANAGEMENT|AVIATIONAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'