b'56 PAH TERMINALSPHOTO: BARKLEY REGIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY Currently, PAH has one carrier, Contour Airlines, and typically just one flight coming or going at any particular time. However, the terminal was designed with room to expand the apron and holdroom area. The airport has had more than one airline in the past, and BRAA hopes to add another carrier in the future. We think were poised very well to attract an ultra-low-cost carrier, Rouleau notes. This is a terminal not only for today, but for tomorrow.The Wow FactorKnowing it wanted attractive artwork in the new terminal, BRAA created an ad-hoc art committee from the Barkley Regional Airport Board to assist the search and selection process. The committee worked in collaboration with Via Partnership, a public art consulting firm, to solicit proposals from artists who currently live or previously lived within 50 miles of the airport. Emphasis was placed on procuring pieces that highlight the regions people, places, ecology, culture, heritage, celebrated places and/or experiences. The goals were to provide an impactful wow experience to welcome people to Paducah and the region, generate community pride through high-quality works of art, and highlight aspects of Paducahs art and culture that it has become known for worldwide, says April Meyer, a principal at Alliiance. Artwork on the glass wall at the security checkpoint wasAPRIL MEYERcarefully designed to meet TSA privacy requirements. Uniting People and Place Through Design+1 612 874.4102, epeterson@alliiance.us, alliiance.comBarkley Regional Airport, New Terminal in association with PFGW and CHA, mosaic by Guy Kemper, art coordinated by Via PartnershipSeptember 2023AirportImprovement.com'