b'44 DSM OPERATIONSEarly ORAT Process Helps Des Moines Intl Create Plan for Opening Day Success BY JENNIFER DAACK WOOLSONThe new terminal project at DesAirports that have Moines International Airport (DSM) isused ORAT often focus a once-in-a-generation undertakingon the AT (activation nearly a decade in the making. But its alsoand transition) phases expected to be an overnight successthatthat take place when a is, in terms of closing the existing terminal onenew terminal is just about FACTS&FIGURESday and starting operations in the new one theto open. But when the Project: Preparing for New Passenger Terminalnext. Most airports that have gone throughDSM new terminal projectKEVIN FOLEYLocation: Des Moines (IA) Intl Airport a major construction project are familiar withgot underway in 2021, this type of transition. But the process DSM isExecutive Director Kevin Foley and his team Airport Owner: Des Moines Airport Authority using to ensure everything is ready for openingdecided to get help with the OR (operational Anticipated Terminal Opening: Phase 1Aday isnt something everyone has heard about. readiness) part, too. Anser Advisory, the completion, fall 2027 owners representative for DSM, engaged Strategy: Operational Readiness ActivationORAT, which stands for OperationalChrysalis Global Aviation as its operational & Transition (ORAT) process Readiness Activation and Transition (or, as its sometimes known, Operationalreadiness sub-consultant in June 2022 for the ORAT Consultant: Chrysalis Global Aviation,Readiness and Airport Transfer), is a processexpected fall 2026 terminal opening. sub-consultant to DSM owners representative that engages airlines, tenants, airport staff,Rising costs and inflation have delayed the Anser Advisory LLCProject Architects/Engineers: contractors, concessionaires and other facilityoriginal timetable and led to a multi-phase project HNTB Corp.; BNIMusers to optimize the operational readinesswithout a definitive end date. When complete, the Key Participants: Airport staff, airlines, tenants,of a new facility before its doors open. To do$445 million first phase, known as Phase 1A, will contractors, concessionaires & other airport usersso, participants scope requirements, plan anddeliver five new common-use gates, a new head conduct preparation activities toward the house, an expanded central security checkpoint, Key Benefits: Optimize operational readiness ofend goal, regularly monitoring progress alongnew baggage handling system, concession areas the terminal before it opens; solicit & incorporate input about user needs before design is complete the way.among other improvements. September 2023AirportImprovement.com'