b'ACI_2022_2_Page_Insert_OUTLINE.pdf 1 21/07/2022 09:4724 JFK CONCESSIONSA live DJ helped create a party atmosphere for the grand opening.CMYIn addition to hosting a ribbon-cutting party on May 10, theCMstore featured a different brand each weekend from May 12 MYthrough June 11, complete with refreshments, special promotions and performances by DJs.CYThe activations were a huge hit, Bidmead reports. CustomersCMYespecially enjoyed the Drunk Elephant and Mario BadescuKdemonstrations, which highlighted travel-friendly skincare routines. Spin-the-wheel games by Kylie Cosmetics and Benefit were also Connecting people and improvingpopular because customers could win prizes such as cosmetic pouches and product samples. Gift-with-purchase promotions communities through high qualityalso garnered enthusiastic interestand generated sales. airport solutions. It was a lovely engagement effort party, where folks came together from DFS, JFKIAT, our community to celebrate this opening with customers, Cuevas says. And it didnt stop there. The DJ continues to come on a scheduled basis to show the vibrancy of the brand to travelers passing by. And the store will do more demos ad hoc to provide excitement for our customers.The store will also participate in DFS annual flagship beauty campaign in August, which offers another wide spectrum of in-store activities and promotions.With so much excitement surrounding these events, we definitely plan to use this format for future in-store activities, Bidmead comments.Dulac also intends to keep the stores initial momentum going strong. We will reach out to travelers via DFS official channels, keeping them up to date with our latest offerings and news, she www.transystems.com says. September 2023AirportImprovement.com'