b'88 MSP ENVIRONMENTALNew Noise Technology System atMinneapolis-St. Paul Intl Earns Patent BY SCOTT BERMANEffective strategies to reduceBrian Ryks, chief aircraft noise must be based onexecutive officer of accurate information. For example,the Metropolitan is the noise, in fact, coming from aircraft?Airports Commission, How loud is it? When and where does thenotes that the project FACTS&FIGURESnoise occur? Knowing the answers to suchthat developed the Project: Airport Noise Classification Method & Systemquestions can yield targeted responsessystem was about Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl Airportand preventive measures, and help tomore than technology.BRIAN RYKSDeveloper: Metropolitan Airports Commissioncommunicate with residents. [Our] employees are Whatever the strategy, precisecommitted to continuous improvement Runways: 4 and innovation, and this project highlights 2022 Passenger Volume: 31.2 million information is always the starting point.our teams drive to advance decades-To collect the best possible noise data 2022 Operations: 310,235 about Minneapolis-St. Paul Internationallong efforts of working with community Technology Development: 2016-2018 Airport (MSP), the Metropolitan Airportsstakeholders, airport users, the FAA and Patent Application Process: 2018-2023 Commission developed a machine learningother government entities to address noise technology that received a U.S. patent inissues, he explains. Patent Issued: Feb. 2023Strategy: Develop & patent a machine learning systemlate February 2023. The need for new technology stands that analyzes & classifies sound data gathered by soundParaphrasing the patent, the Airportto reason. While aircraft engines are level meters already in key locations under airport flightNoise Classification Method and Systemsignificantly quieter than years ago, aircraft pathsreceives data about noise events capturednoise continues to be a matter of concern Co-Inventors: Matt Baker, Brad Juffer & Derek Andersonby a set of geographically distributed noisefor airports, communities and airport from Metropolitan Airports Commission; University ofsensors. Each event corresponds to noiseauthorities. Noise impacts quality of life, Minnesota doctoral candidate Nicholas Heller that exceeds an established threshold. Thecommunity and government relations Additional Support: Legal Affairs & Informationsystem classifies events as either aircraftand potentially even airport economics. Technology departments of the Metropolitan Airportsnoise or non-aircraft noise.Quiet flying is good business, is how the Commission September 2023AirportImprovement.com'