b'42 OAKRUNWAYSThe airport also increased its communications and The airport replaced instructed pilots to reduce speed and closely follow the traditional incandescent taxiways centerline to avoid the edge lights. lights with updated LEDs. Parts ShortagesCOVID-related supply chain issues and parts shortages also posed a challenge, particularly regarding the permanent airfield lighting fixtures. As a workaround, OAK had crews re-install some of the old lights until new ones were available, and also opted for partial shipments of lights instead of waiting for all of them to come in at once.Global supply chain problems were an issue, even though we sourced the taxiway lights very earlyabout six months before construction startedbecause its taking a long time to get the circuit boards needed to fabricate the lights, explains AECOMs Young.Pruim notes that many items were ordered earlier than usual, with about 10% of the design left to complete, to help mitigate supply chain issues.While the majority of items arrived by the last phase, approximately 30 airfield LED taxiway edge lights did not arrive until December, he laments.MASTERMIND YOUR APRONONE INTELLIGENT PLATFORM TO MANAGE YOUR AIRSIDE ECOSYSTEMADB SAFEGATE applies automation, integration and digitalization to provide an intelligent approach to managing apron activities from landing to takeoff. Our innovative Intelligent AiPRON platform integratesallthesystemsandprocessesimportanttoapron operations into a single ecosystem that uses machine learning technologies to unleash the power of data and predictability. Advanceddockingsystemsensuresafeandpreciseaircraft stopseverytime,eveninpoorvisibility.Operationaldatais constantly analyzed and presented to stakeholders in real time toimprovedecisionmaking,mitigateirregularitiesandcreate recommendationstohelpdeliveron-timedepartures.Allof which equals faster, safer and greener turnarounds that boost the customer experience.September 2023AirportImprovement.com'