b'12 ORD TERMINALSAll of the gates can now segregate passenger flows, saysits operations from T2 to T5, where customers enjoy larger Hoxie. There are two doorways that passengers have to goholdrooms and more concessions. In addition, passengers no through when deplaning from one of these gates. One that goeslonger need to go to a separate terminal (and pass through into an interlock area and the other that goes to the loading bridgeanother security checkpoint) to board flights with Deltas that connects to the aircraft. The interlock area has a separateinternational partners.door leading to the hallways for international arrival passengers.The new 22,000-square-foot Delta Sky Club in T5 (one of the Its really a door configuration exercise by the agents to allowairlines largest) can accommodate 400 guests. In comparison, passengers exiting the aircraft to either deplane into the passengerthe Sky Club in T2 was about 7,000 square feet. Some hold room and concourse or into the passenger arrival facility. passengers dont even have to leave the posh enclave to board their aircraft. Theres a small gate podium inside the lounge, so International and Domestic Flights anyone in the lounge on a flight taking off from M11 or M14 can In addition to providing better passenger flow, renovating andboard directly, says Hoxie. Its a pretty nice upgrade for Delta extending T5 prepares ORD to begin construction on its Globalpassengers who use the lounge.Terminal.Floor-to-ceiling windows provide extensive views of the In order to accommodate that eventualairfield, with special glass from View that project, the airport really needed to offsetautomatically optimizes the amount of a lot of domestic flights to other gates,natural light and reduces glare. Windows in explains David Steele of Muller2, who servedholdrooms for Gates M14 to M17 also feature as design team project manager.the companys smart glass. Renovation of the West Concourse, alongThis project sets the standard for with expansion of the East Concourse,sustainable, passenger-centric airport enabled Delta Air Lines to transfer all ofDAVID STEELE design, says Piers MacNaughton, vicePIERS MACNAUGHTONMaximize Airport Parking Usage & Revenueper square footDesign a camera-based parking guidance system to enhance your airport: Camera-based:Guidance smart sensors Bidirectional counting sensors Rooftop and surface lot sensors Interior and exterior wayfinding signage Intuitive softwareVisit us at ACI-NA Booth 1033!parkassist.comSeptember 2023AirportImprovement.com'