b'RUNWAYSOAK43Communication Was Critical Pruim notes that there was a lot at stake, but teamwork won Chu and Pruim both emphasize the value of keeping a widethe day.variety of stakeholders informed throughout the project. ImportantOur goal was to upgrade this taxiway to the latest FAA constituents ranged from airlines and cargo operators to air trafficstandards, he says. It was very important to get it right the first controllers, airport operations personnel and the FAA. time because this was such a high-impact and time-sensitive OAK coordinated with Jeppesen and NAVBLUE to create up- project.to-date aeronautical charts depicting each phase of the taxiwayAnd thats exactly what we achieved, Pruim continues.rebuild for pilots, another key stakeholder group, as well as user- Our Main Street remained open throughout the entirefriendly graphics for a wide array of ground handlers and rampproject. side personnel.That was a huge component in the project, Pruim says.We had to figure out how to best communicate with all stakeholders as we moved through each phase. We also had to realign service roads, so there were a lot of people to keep in the loop.Before breaking ground, OAK officials brought in representatives from Bay Cities Paving to walk through the project, phase by phase, with stakeholders. During the meetings, company representatives asked for feedback about what would be important for each party involved. Bringing in Bay Cities, which was relatively new to airport projects, was critical to the projects success, Pruim says. It was important to explain how important and impactful this project was and emphasize that our success depended on their success.The project also required a lot ofCOMFORT preplanning and the development of contingency plans in case things went awry. But everything was finished on time and onUPON ARRIVALbudget, Chu proudly reports. Teamwork Makes the Dream WorkPruim, Chu and Young agree that teamwork among the project partners helped pave the way for a great outcome.From our perspective, the project was a complete successon time and on budget, Young says. It was a total team effort. Between all the different transitions and phases, things had to go seamlesslyand I think the general contractor did a great job of working with us and was very open to feedback about how to minimize any impacts.We had a good team in place, adds Chu, with a lot of collaboration between engineering, the prime contractor, operations,BOOM AIR HOSE MANAGEMENTplanning, security, airlines and other variousPRE CONDITIONED AIR UNITS TWISTAERO.COMstakeholders. GROUND POWER UNITSAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'