b'68 STL FUELING During construction activities that had the greatest potentialmeasurements and laboratory analyses confirmed the work to impact air quality, a sophisticated air monitoring system wasactivities were not creating an ambient air issue, he adds.used. Four passive air quality sampling devices were installed at strategic spots along the fence line at the site perimeter, toSafety First assess the potential presence and concentration of variousJanisch notes that safety procedures were carefully followed organic compounds in ambient air around the perimeter of thethroughout the 11-month project. We have a robust safety construction site. checklist that is reviewed on a daily basis, he says. It does not These devices collected samples of the air 24 hours a day, overmatter what the activity is, and it includes everyone on-site. The list a one-week period. Then, each device was sent to a certifiedincludes all personal protective clothing, hardhats, safety glasses, laboratory for analysis, and a new one was deployed in the samevests, steel-lined boots and gloves. The on-site superintendent is in spot for continuous data.charge of monitoring that these procedures are being followed. We ask all contractors to emphasize safety to all of their workers from In addition, one person from Clements team walked thethe get-go.perimeter of the construction site several times throughout the workday, recording real-time air measurements with aOn an average day, there were about 10 people on site. If photoionization detector equipped with additional instrumentationJanisch was not personally on site, he would check with the to measure benzene as well. Air monitoring personnel focusedsuperintendent in charge for a progress report each day. these additional readings at upwind and downwind locations of the site using an on-site meteorological system that was installedSuccessful Conclusion specifically for the project. Beckmann reports that all stages of the decommissioning project Fortunately, there were no air quality issues during the project,went according to plan, and there were no safety incidents, Clement reports. Sometimes there would be odors, but fieldregulatory violations or complaints from airport passengers or tenants. Improve winterproductivity with the best products and services in the industryLiquid Potassium Acetate Product Liquid Potassium Formate ProductSAE AMS1435D SAE AMS1435DTHE Solid Sodium Formate Product Unique Patented Liquid TechnologyS C I E N C E SAE AMS1431E SAE AMS1435DVisit us at www.nasi-tm.comOF 800.622.4877, Ext. 310nasi_cs@nasindustrial.comDE-ICING 2021Nachurs Alpine Solutions.All rights reserved.September 2023AirportImprovement.com'