b'60 SEA OPERATIONSFACTS&FIGURES Project: Reducing Incidents InvolvingHomeless PeopleLocation: Seattle-Tacoma Intl AirportOwner/Operator: Port of SeattleProgram: SEA CaresKey Strategies: Make facilities less attractive/conducive for people trying to take up residence at airport; adding crisis coordinator & mental health professional to police force; weekly terminal tours to provide unhoused visitors with alternatives for shelter & support services Dual Goals: Increasing safety for passengers & employees; responding to incidents in effective, yet compassionate, mannerSample Stats: May 2021-April 2023, crisis coordinator and/or mental health professional responded with police to 494 airport incidents, 239 involving homeless people; 204 of those encounters did not result in an arrest & 159 of offenders accepted some type of assistance or referral; 27 of the 36 unhoused people who were arrested accepted follow-up careSeptember 2023AirportImprovement.com'