b'OPERATIONS DSM49new terminal is under construction. As a result, the team devisedAt the executive level, Foley appreciates that ORAT specialists a plan to relocate those bridges and add an additional bridge towork several months ahead to help make the project proceed keep aircraft flying and meet the airlines turn requirements.more smoothly. They may be thinking about where electrical By analyzing who needed to go where and why, the ORATplugins go when were still trying to define the amount of space, process also helped identify access points on the security planshe says.that could be removed because they were not operationallyThanks to the firms experience, Chrysalis can also help identify required. That not only saved costs, but also made the terminalthe right contacts to consult when making key operational more efficient and secure.decisions. Although airport personnel are used to talking with In a similar vein, keying all doors that airline employees mighttheir stakeholders, many higher-level operational decisions require need to use was considered through three lenses: access control,additional expertise from airlines and rental care operators, Torp the airport security plan and tenant needs. Setting up properexplains.access levels now means nothing should have to be retrofitted after opening.Avoiding Other Airports MistakesPhelps points out that most airportSEAMLESS.professionals will only go through one major facility projectif anyduring their career, soIMMERSIVE.they wont necessarily know what issues might come up or what questions to ask. Buckner knows that all too well. BeforeENGAGING.joining Anser Advisory, he served as commercial manager and then as director of Administration and Commercial Services for Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) forDirect view LED displays can blend entertainment and two decades, including during the design andinformation to immerse travelers along their journey. construction of its new terminal that openedConnect with our Daktronics airport team to learn how in 2020. In that case, the airport contractedour technology transforms spaces into high-definition Chrysalis later in the process. We didnt getstructural artlike an iconic clock tower.the same benefit that I believe Des Moines will realize, Buckner says. We just didnt realize that we were going to need ORAT [that early].DAKTRONICS.COM/AIRPORTSOnce we did realize it, a lot of the cake was baked.In retrospect, he feels that the broad institutional knowledge Chrysalis brings to the planning and design process minimizes the risk of being surprised or forgetting something. Theres a lot of benefit from having somebody tell you not to make a mistake that someone else has made, Buckner notes.DSM Operations Director Clint Torp, for one, is grateful for that advice: Chrysalis has seen what issues have come up at other airports and what solutions worked. They bring thatCLINT TORP ACI-NABOOTH #1509 visibility for us to be able to make good sound decisions before weCONFERENCE &SEPT. 30 - OCT. 3, 2023 spend the money on a solution or get into theEXPOSITION LONG BEACH, CAday of operation.AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'