b'70 BWI OPERATIONS Baltimore/Washington Intl Updates Concourse D With Custom Ceiling and New HVAC System BY JODI RICHARDS Form over function, or functionConcourse D, which was originallybackseat to more glamorous terminal over form? Its an age-oldconstructed in the early 1980s, serves twoimprovements such as concessions, but debate with no definitive answer.of the airports longtime tenants, Delta Airproperly conditioned air is very important Baltimore/Washington InternationalLines on the X pier and United Airlines onto the traveling public. Recent upgrades in Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) and itsthe Y. Although the facility had been wellConcourse D were engineered to enhance project partners chose both for the recentlymaintained through the years, the HVAC,the performance and sustainability of the completed $20 million renovation oflighting and architectural finishes hadHVAC system as well as improve indoor Concourse D.exceeded their usefulair quality and passenger comfort. If its A new geometric ceiling provides thelife, explains Paultoo hot in the building or it smells of Jet-A, facility with an entirely new look, andShank, chief engineeryouve failed, he remarks. systemic improvements were made behindat the MarylandIt was also imperative for the the ceiling and elsewhere to reduceAviation Administration.modernization project to reduce annual operating and maintenance costs.Shank has themaintenance and energy costs. That was unique perspective ofaddressed by replacing existing fluorescent Key changes include: working on the originala full architectural ceiling replacement,Concourse D designPAUL L. SHANK lighting throughout the concourse with LEDs, and installing new HVAC LED lighting upgrades throughout theabout 40 years ago and also leading theinfrastructure, including the chilled water concourse,recently completed modernization.plant that serves the 100,000-square-footnew roof-mounted HVAC equipment, Improving the passenger experienceconcourse. Obviously a 40-plus-year-old replacing the building automationwas the overriding goal of renovationssystem was starting to get expensive, system,that began in 2019 and ended this June.Shank says. The previous HVAC system a new 1,500-ton chilled water plant andEnhancing the concourses air systemstill functioned, but the BWI team knew thats tructural systems modifications towas one of the primary strategies. Shankmore advanced technology would reduce support the new HVAC system.notes that HVAC systems often take amaintenance and operational costs. September 2023AirportImprovement.com'