b'TERMINALSPAH 57The carefully crafted process yielded three major pieces ofwith the architects was a challenge, but I think they did a great artwork: Flight Pattern Quilt, by Louisville native Guy Kemper, isjob, Rouleau recalls. a 29-foot-long mosaic of smalti glass that represents PaducahsThe pandemic also created labor shortages and supply chain prominence in fabric quilting. Angles Garden, by Paducahissues. Then, weather delayed some of the site work. As a result, resident Nikki May, is a tribute to the airports namesake, Albenthe original completion target of March 2023 slipped by about 60 Barkley, former U.S. vice president under Harry S. Truman. Maysdays. illustrated garden of regional flora and fauna was installed by a window contractor on the glass wall that separates the securityAlthough the pandemic created challenges for the design and checkpoint and gate area. While some areas of the piece allowconstruction teams, it also provided COVID relief funding through light to stream in through from both sides, specific portionsthe CARES and American Rescue Plan Acts. As a result, less are opaque to meet TSA privacy requirements. Kaleidoscopesmoney was needed from the community to support the new of Paducah, by local photographer Russel Bash, depicts theterminal.citys landmark buildings in intricate polygons. The collection isAirport Authority leaders worked to finalize funding while the displayed in a frame built out of a cornice piece salvaged from asite design was in progress and the project scope was being historic Paducah bank.finalized. They also collaborated with CHA to strategically This terminal definitely has a wow factor, Rouleau says.structure bid packages based on eligibility for federal funding, They say this is the nicest building in Western Kentucky. especially since FAA was matching grants at 100% in fiscal year 2020 and 2021 via the CARES and American Rescue Plan Overcoming Challenges Acts. From the very beginning, the guiding principle was to During the early design stage, BRAA personnel planned to tourleverage every federal dollar that was available. Heldt notes that several new airports for ideas and inspiration. But then COVID hit,it was important to advise project stakeholders about funding and they had to proceed remotely. Even the visioning processnuanceswhy certain aspects were eligible and others werentbecause smaller airports like PAH dont have the operating AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'