b'OPERATIONSSEA61Seattle-Tacoma Intl Emphasizes Compassion Regarding Homeless People in Terminal BY JODI RICHARDS Like many airports and other public facilities across boosting the lighting level in baggage claim; and the United States, Seattle-Tacoma International Airportlimiting access to pre-security seating and family restrooms. (SEA) has experienced an increase in unhoused peopleDespite such changes, police still couldnt take enforcement seeking shelter within its facilities. With a portion of that populationaction for thefts and some of the misdemeanor crimes because suffering from mental health issues, there have been assaults tothey couldnt book offenders into jail due to COVID constraints. The passengers and airport employees as well as security breaches orfacility changes also didnt address the behavioral issues underlying other incidents that cause facility shutdowns or flight delays.the assaults, some thefts and escalated interpersonal incidents.The Port of Seattle, which owns and operates SEA, isIn November 2022, the Port implemented a multi-faceted, co-evolving its approach to the complex challenges associated withresponder approach called SEA Cares, which takes immediate responding to such issues. The new strategy aims to increasesteps to ensure the safety of travelers and airport employees safety and security for guests and employees, while also providingwhile developing a long-term strategy for responding to and more assistance and support to people without housing. assisting people in crisis with compassion.An assessment by the agencys Task Force on Port Policing and Civil Rights recommended that the organization examineExpanding the Teamopportunities for moving away from a traditional police responseBased on recommendations from the Task Force, the Port added on homelessness as a key strategy for reducing externala full-time crisis coordinator a year later and a full-time mental disparities around the use of force. One primary goal was to usehealth professional to the Port of Seattle Police Department. The effective, but more compassionate, tactics.new personnel respond, with police officers, to calls at the airport Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic thatthat have a behavioral health or homelessness component. disrupted air travel (and so many other aspects of life) also exacerbated the issue. As complaints of unhoused individuals and people in crisis at SEA increased, Port police felt their hands were tied regarding how theyIS YOUR BUSINESS IMAGEcould respond. In that timeframe, we were dealing with COVID and we had bookingSEAN GILLEBO EVERYTHING IT COULD BE?restrictions at King County Jail, explains Sean Gillebo, deputy chief of Patrol Operations for the Port of Seattle Police Department. We were unable to book individuals or get them resources.But this wasnt just a policing problem. Many times, people look to the police to solve this, Gillebo adds. But weve created an environment here where [unhoused]Faster, Greener, Cleaner The Cyclone Differencepeople can come with little fear of anything happening to them Faster!Within the Cyclone head, up to 24 sapphire-tipped spray nozles, mounted to high sped rotating arms, blast the surface with ultra-high presure water in a swirling vortex at 140 mphequivalent to a category 4 cyclone. As the surface is being cleaned, and deposits removed, the multi-patented Cyclone simultaneously recovers the waste wateras far as getting arrestedbecause we were limited in what our with no vacuum.Greener!Cyclone Technologys advanced design utilizes up to 50% les fresh water with 20% lower fuel consumption while 95% of wastewater is recovered instantly. The on-board waste tank separates solid waste through a 160 micron biodegradable liner. The entire process officers can do to address the problem.uses only fresh waterno chemicals!ure water blastingBefore and After. 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Let us create your corporate identity, TR5500 ed with the CY210 its ideal Wfor small jobs and hard to reach areas. 1/16/15 4:31 PMhen usSome of the new facility-oriented measures include:advertisements and marketing campaigns so you can get PerviousAd_V5.indd 2limiting access to the airport from 11:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m. forback to what you do bestrunning your business!non-ticketed visitors or those without legitimate business at the airport; adding a team of public support specialists to monitor terminal entry points overnight and be visible points of contact;i ncreasing no trespass signage and overheadCALL OR EMAIL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE AND CONSULTATIONannouncements about associated airport regulations;INFO@BECKER505.COM|608.205.2788|BECKER505.COMAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'