b'OPERATIONSBWI 73back up what it previously had. So JMTlighting. We saw that as a significant way to make an impression Architecture and its lighting consultant,on the traveling public, Hensel explains. It would not only be MCLA, explored a variety of design options.bright, but it would be different.Design charrettes using 3-D renderingsIn all, 45,000 square feet of 2-foot square Calla panels were were conducted to facilitate engagementinstalled in holdrooms to reflect light and brighten up the low-between JMTs architectural design studioceilinged areas. They also help improve the acoustics. With low and BWIs architecture team. The projectceiling heights and HVAC equipment filling up the limited ceiling team wanted to create a bright, light,JO SCHNEIDER space, designers still wanted to achieve the feeling of high well-designed concourse that livens up theceilings because they help decrease stress for travelers. We had space, and replace old light fixtures with LEDs for energy savingslimited height to work with, recalls Hensel. We had to do it by and longevity, explains Jo Schneider, director of Architecture atusing design finishes and lighting to create the illusion that you the Maryland Aviation Administration.are in a larger space. Jennifer Hensel, a JMT design associate, notes that a stepped ceiling throughout the concourse posed a particular challenge. With heights ranging only between 11 and 8 feet, it would be difficult to make the space feel light, bright and open, while also reserving room for HVAC equipment, fire protection systems, signage and lighting.In partnership with BWI architects, the JMT team created a ceiling and lighting solution that immediately resonated with the owner. We had options, because they had competing designs and working sessions, recalls Shank. But the choice was unanimous. JMT chose an Armstrong ceiling system, Calla Shapes for DesignFlex, which allowed designers to mix and match different shapes and sizes to create a unique look. For the main corridor, designers chose 45-degree left parallelograms, 45-degree right parallelograms and 45-degree triangles. Many of the cross members in the suspended ceiling grid system were replaced with JLC Tech T-Bar Flex lights designed to integrate with the specialized ceiling tiles. The project included more than 26,000 square feet of corridor space, which required crews to locate, position and install more than 6,000 brackets and field-connect to nearly 2,000 perimeter connection clips.Shank notes that the geometric architectural ceiling integrates seamlessly with the HVAC system, including air diffusers coordinated with the DesignFlex geometry, while also creating the feeling of movement and enhancing lighting levels. It creates a wonderful lighting expression that is almost like arrows pointing you to your destination, he explains. It feels like airplanes in flight; it feels like movement. The Armstrong system incorporated directly into the grid system of the ceiling lighting, which allowed designers to be creative with the patterns, layout and configuration of the AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'