b'36 ABE SECURITY Designers created an elevated terminal connector carousels, parking and ground transportation, but the tunnel is to relieve longtime passenger flow issues. now more spacious since the TSA checkpoint has been removed. Work is expected to continue on the tunnel through the rest of the year, including installation of exit portal doors for security, plus new carpet and lighting.Cedrick Johnson, program manager for Airport Design Consultants Inc., notes that 34 local, regional and national TSA representatives were involved in the project, and they met 57 times with the ABE team to an escalator or elevator to reach the departure gates. Theres nocoordinate the TSA portion of the project. CEDRICK JOHNSONmore going down, just to go up again. Features of the new, elevated connector include: A More Pleasant Travel Experience an augmented security checkpoint with up to four lanes;The main thing we try to do is manage passenger anxiety. Its the adjacent TSA offices to increase the efficiency of TSA biggest thing that undermines a positive passenger experience,operations; Sheward reasons. Nobody looks at signs. They see [where theyseparation of inbound and outbound passenger flow; need to go] and flow to it. No matter how many times we did a design iteration utilizing the sub-level connector, we were still comingimproved restrooms, generator, substations and other in high, going down low to go back up high and higher. It just didntinfrastructure; make a lot of sense. enhanced air purification system and improved air circulation The design that was executed advances the level of serviceequipment; andfor both departing and arriving passengers at ABE. Arriving electrochromic insulated glass that tints automatically to help passengers continue to use the tunnel to access luggageminimize solar heat and reduce glare.We create a betteraviation experience.The hand sanitizing fixturethat never needs replacingYour Partner for Important DecisionsNashville International Airport Terminal Area Strategic Planning & Vision- Master Planning- Airfield Layout Planning- Airspace Planning Advanced Air Mobility Vertiport StrategyFacility & Operations Planning & Development Terminal Planning & Design Implementation & Program Delivery Support Design Review/Advisory Services Smart Airport Support/Business Analytics Land Use/Economic Development Cargo/Logistic Park Planning SEE WHY NASHVILLEAirport Simulation Services AIRPORT CHOSE VAASK Management Training Servicessps-worldwide.com Contact us at: info@sps-worldwide.com +1 (512) 965-7687 |Vaask.com |info@Vaask.comLOS ANGELES|SAN FRANCISCO|CINCINNATI|WASHINGTON D.C.|SHANGHAISeptember 2023AirportImprovement.com'