b'72 BWI OPERATIONS Partnering for a PlanIn 2017, JMT developed an initial planning document to address how the needs of the concourse aligned with the available budget for renovations. The primary need was replacing and upgrading the HVAC, but the airport couldnt delve into those improvements without also impacting the ceiling.Following the mantra of Maryland Aviation Administration CEO Ricky Smith, the project team asked how the concourse PHOTO: ARMSTRONG WORLD INDUSTRIES could be betternot bleeding edge, but leading edge. It has to be functional, not just pretty architecture, Shank remarks. Its hard to pay for just pretty.If crews had to tear down the ceiling for HVAC work, the Designers created a custom look with Armstrong ceiling products and JLC Tech lights.airport didnt want to just put Airport Seating Alliance Designed for the Future Now Offers More For AirportsTRADITIONAL SEATING AND A FULL LINEOF INDOOR/OUTDOOR WASTE RECEPTACLES!BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEMDESIGN / CONSULTATION / ANALYSIS/ ASSESSMENT / OAR SERVICESMaintained for Performance VISIT US BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEM /AT ACI-NABOOTH 1432PASSENGER BOARDING BRIDGE OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE Airport Servicesairportseatingalliance.com|info@airportseatingalliance.com www.jsmandassociates.comsolutions@jsmairports.comSeptember 2023AirportImprovement.com'