b'HANGARSPGV93them outright, says Bill Hopper, executiveWhen CARES funding became available, Hopper jumped on director of the Pitt-Greenville Airportthe opportunity to diversify PGVs revenue stream. If all goes as Authority.expected, the new hangars will provide additional lease revenue and also increase fuel sales. Its not going to completely make Shoring Up Revenueup for the air service that we had reduced, but it helps quite a bit In 2020, PGV saw fewer than half thein trying to catch up, Hopper says. Hopefully, we will get the air passengers it did in 2019. A few months intoservice back. And when we do, it will be an additional revenue the pandemic, the airports only commercialBILL HOPPER source where maybe we can start putting money aside for other carrier, American Airlines, temporarilythings [like other construction or repairs].suspended all flights to PGV, as well as 14 other U.S. regional airports. Like its industry counterparts, PGV is still recovering from those losses.We took a very big hit on the air service side like a lot of small regional airports, says Hopper, noting 60% reduction in air service since before the pandemic. Because Pitt-Greenville Airport Authority owns the airfields fixed-based operator, it also felt the direct hitPlanningof decreased fuel sales to airlines. Moreover, airportDELTA AIRPORT Engineeringparking lots that were traditionally full regularly had plentyCONSULTANTS, INC. Environmentalof available spacesa noticeable shift from the yearsIndustry Analysiswww.deltaairport.com Program Managementbefore COVID-19.Construction AdministrationBusiness & Financial PlanningAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'