b"46 DSM OPERATIONSThe process takes into account not just the airports needs, butrental car agencies, safety and security, third-party vendors and the operational effectiveness of the design from the perspective ofservice providers. At DSM, that means everyone from Foley and airlines, TSA, service providers, concessionaires and other tenantshis executive team to the airports cable installer gets a say. as well as contract vendors like janitorial staffing companies. The early meetings are informational, providing an overview ofIf the facility isnt designed correctly for the intendedthe project so stakeholders can start thinking about how it will operations, its difficultand expensiveto fix that at theimpact their operations. As the project progresses, the ORAT activation stage, Young advises.team solicits more detailed information, such as how much square He says that airports might be hesitant about the upfrontfootage various groups need, what type of workspaces they want, investment that end-to-end ORAT requires, but the return onhow many rental car transactions occur in a peak hour, whether it investment is almost a guarantee when youre building a facility formakes more sense for bathroom doors to swing in or out, etc. 50+ years. They also get into the nitty gritty of how everyone moves through the building. What do groups need access to? Who What, Where, Who and How takes out the trash? When? What route do they take? That helps As conversations with stakeholders began, the team was abledetermine details such as access privileges and placement of to form a picture of how the building lives and breathes to helpdoors and elevators. inform the early design, Stumpo explains. Were identifying,Data from the meeting was reported to project designers at through our stakeholder assessments, issues the airport is havingHNTB Corp. and BNIM, who discussed, assessed and eventually right now so we can fix those in design to create a better solutionwove it into modified designs. Designs, in turn, are shared with for the airport on opening day. That way, were not perpetuating thethe working groups, more questions are asked, more data is same issues the existing space may have. captured and the circle continues. The process starts with identifying everyone involved in orThe process is designed to ensure that all parties end up with a touched by the project and creating working groupsairlines,design that supports their optimal operation, and to give them the ai16893432157_Airport Improvement Ad - UAM (Sep '23).pdf 6 7/14/2023 9:00:16 AMCMY The sky is limitless.CMMY Urban AirCYCMYK Mobility andAerospaceSeptember 2023AirportImprovement.com"