b'TERMINALSPAH 53and update estimated costs. The Authority Board of Directors thenbrick paver-lined drop-off sidewalk, natural pushed to develop and provide a concept layout plan to issue astone faade and expressive porch-like roof request of proposals to select a consultant.that welcomes travelers, remarks Michael Alliiance was selected as the lead planner and prime architect,McClimon, senior associate and project with local assistance provided by PFGW Architects. CHA Consultingdesigner with Alliiance. The terminal exterior is a was selected for civil engineering services and also provided grantcombination of metal shake siding, natural stone administration and budgeting assistance. MP Lawson Constructionand timber. Outdoor seating provides a park-like built the terminal, and Jim Smith Contracting performed site worksetting for guests who want to pause and rest.MICHAEL McCLIMONand paved access roads, an airside apron and a new parking lot forArchitects also included ornamental features, passengers, employees and rental cars.landscaped entry walls and signage with limestone veneer. Its a The approximate $43.5 million project was funded throughvery well-designed building from an aesthetics perspective, and I several sources:think the functionality is equally as good, says McReynolds.$20 million in FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) TerminalAlliiance worked to create an intimate, easy-to-use facility with Discretionary Grants, state-of-the-art amenities and accommodations. Designers also $10.8 million in FAA AIP Airside Discretionary and Entitlementsplaced an emphasis on providing hospitality and meeting the needs Grants, of both leisure and business passengers. The new ticket counters$850,000 from the CARES Act (via FAA AIP),they specified in the lobby create the feel of a boutique hotela far cry from the former space some jokingly compared to an old bus $1.15 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (via FAA AIP),station. Now, its a very beautiful facility, says Rouleau.$5 million from the Kentucky Department of Aviation,Airport guests are enjoying many features that did not exist in $5.7 million combined from the city of Paducah and McCrackenthe previous terminal, including a mothers room, family restrooms County, andand ADA-compliant counters, tables and more. Passengersespecially appreciate the new JBT boarding bridge during inclement $80,000 from the Paducah Area Community Reuse Organization.In the end, we were successful at getting all the funding in line,weather. The whole goal of the project was to enhance the says Rouleau. passenger experience, Rouleau summarizes. The automated Before design work began, BRAA created a passenger experience committee with community leaders, elected officials and other high-profile individuals who had a stake in the new terminal. Using a visioning process to discuss local influences to consider, the committee determined it wanted the terminal to have a front-porch feeling. Kentucky is all about front porches and beingCELEBRATING A neighborly, Rouleau explains, noting that the airport acts as the front door to the Western Kentucky region. Its going to make aBRIGHT FUTUREstatement that Western Kentucky is very welcoming, but its also sophisticated. FOR KENTUCKYProject PrepCHA performed earthwork grading and drainage design for the greenfield site and also brought in utilities and modern communication systems. It was designed to be effective for many, manyCongratulations to the Barkley Regional more years to come and has all the latestAirport on the opening of your new terminal.and greatest modern amenities in the building We are proud to have been a part of the team and on the site, remarks Brian McReynolds,responsible for making this important project vice president of operations with Jim SmithBRIAN McREYNOLDS to the region a reality.Contracting.In November 2020, crews began clearing the ground and demolishing small storage buildings that were on the site. They also relocated a National Weather Service Automated Surface ObservingAirside | Landside | FacilitiesSystems station to the opposite side of the airfield. Paul Puckli | 703.625.4889 | ppuckli@chacompanies.comNew Terminal, New Features Mike DeVoy, PE | 317.780.7232 | mdevoy@chacompanies.comA 10-foot overhang shields travelers entering and exiting theResponsibly Improving the World We Live Innew building. The influence of historical Paducah is visible in thechacompanies.com#theCHAwayAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'