b'58 PAH TERMINALSbudget to staff their own specialized PHOTO: BARKLEY REGIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITYaccounting departments or hire capital development specialists.It was a challenging piece of the program to keep all of those different funding buckets separate and make sure everybody was up to speed on where things stood and why, Heldt adds. Communication was key. At the project site, silty soil presented challenges for Jim Smith Contracting. The characteristics of the soil were difficult for building and ended up requiring the use of chemical stabilization methods to support the pavements and even support the building foundation, McReynolds explains.The airport added a variety of upgraded seating options with built-in power. Managing stormwater was difficultbring an investment in our community, heAbove all, he credits the Barkley because the flat construction site receivesremarks. Regional Airport Board of Directors for its significant drainage from surroundingforward thinking, and also gives shout-off-airport areas. Water enters the siteEstablishing separate bid packages for earthwork/site development andouts to the FAA and its Memphis Airports and then exits across the airfield throughDistrict Office, TSA, the Department of different pathways. It was challengingconstruction helped expedite the overall schedule, McReynolds adds.Transportation, Congressman James to try to make improvements withoutComer, Senator Mitch McConnell, breaking the bank and to make sure theDestin Nygard, aGovernor Andy Beshear, Mayor Bray and site was going to drain well and not besenior associate andJudge Executive Clymer and the Paducah a maintenance challenge for the airportproject manager withArea Chamber of Commerce. Everyone going forward, says Heldt. Alliiance, notes thatwas very, very supportive of this project, regional airports suchand were just extremely grateful for Lessons Learned as PAH should not beeveryone stepping up to the plate, he For other airports building a new terminalconsidered any lessremarks. This is a new day, and were or upgrading existing facilities, Heldtsignificant than theirDESTIN NYGARD very excited for the future. suggests thoroughly documenting thelarger counterparts, decision-making process, including goalsas they play a vital role in connectingLooking Aheadand objectives, choices made along thecommunities and facilitating travel forAlthough the new terminal is complete, the way and considerations about financiala diverse range of passengers. Theseairport still has several projects in its queue. or physical constraints. Make sure allfacilities can be state-of-the-art whileFirst up is rehabbing the main runway. the stakeholders understand what theremaining economical and resilient toSubsequent projects will include renovating constraints are for the site and then try tochanges in the future, says Nygard.the airport-owned FBO, and building a stay current on where the budget stands,Assembling a team that worked wellnew fuel farm, a new snow removal and he says.together was crucial for Rouleau. Heequipment facility, a new fire station and From a design standpoint, Heldthighlights Alliiance for helping BRAAnew perimeter and access roads. recommends planning for the bareleaders visualize and weigh their optionsBRAA has already secured $5.8 million minimum of what is needed, and then,without visiting other airports while COVIDfrom the commonwealth of Kentucky for if possible, incrementally adding otherraged. They figured out a way to make itfederal match to fund a new fuel farm, elements that stakeholders request.happen and were brilliant in how they didFBO renovations and sanitary sewer Document what you want and whereit, Rouleau raves.improvements. youre going, he says. He also gives top marks to CHA for Eventually, PAH will tear down its old McReynolds emphasizes thebeing very, very conscientious andterminal building to create space for importance of understanding andprotecting PAHs interest. Everybody didfuture air cargo development. This airport appreciating how each aspect of thea great job, says Rouleau, noting thatneeded to move forward to realize its full project is funded. Were very thankfullocal contractors MP Lawson and Jimpotential, Rouleau remarks. The terminal for the people who put effort into gettingSmith Contracting had a special stake inwas the first thing, and were not stopping those grants and chasing those dollars tothe project.there. September 2023AirportImprovement.com'