b'80 YCERUNWAYSGreg Dadson, facility and airport manager at YCE sinceIn contrast, he expects the apron pavement that was November 2020, has personally observed the strength of thereinforced with the fiberglass mat to last another 10 to 20 years fiberglass Saint-Gobain uses in its pavement reinforcementbefore it needs to be addressed. The apron is hands down interlayer material. Ive had to cut down through it in somethe best asphalt in the whole airport, Dadson remarks. I wish places to do things underground, and its hard as hell to getthey had just done the whole airport with it.through, Dadson remarks.Whenever the time comes for YCE to GlasGrid is made of fiberglass strands formed into a gridupdate its apron, the existing asphalt and and coated with elastomeric polymer formulation, and thenGlasGrid will not necessarily need to be coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. In the applicationmilled down and rebuilt. Theoretically, at YCE, crews applied 1.5 inches (40 mm) of asphalt over theif youre going to pave on top of the entire apron area. Once rolled and adequately compacted,GlasGrid reinforced section, it can the GlasGrid was placed on the full width and length of thestay in place and still performtheres apron. Next, the surface was rolled with a pneumatic roller, andno need to take it out, remarks JeffreyJEFF RASCHEfinally, a layer of at least 2 inches (50 mm) of wearing courseRasche, industry manager for interlayers asphalt was paved on top of the fiberglass grid. The deeperand pavement maintenance with GlasGrid product master the fiberglass grid is placed beneath the top asphalt, the betterdistributor Tensar Corp. After addressing any localized it will perform, notes Lyons. deficiencies, a new layer of asphalt could be placed over the existing surface and the benefits of the initial installation of Current Condition GlasGrid will continue. If raising the final grade is a concern, The areas paved at YCE without GlasGrid back in 1992 willthen a proportion of the existing wearing course depth could need to be replaced soon. They paved the far end of Runwaybe removed via milling, and a new wearing course can be 16 at the same time, and it didnt last, Dadson reports. Thereplaced over the entire apron. Often, there is not a need for are cracks in the asphalt that I can walk in with my boots another installation of GlasGrid ,but if the wearing course theyre that wide.must be removedand was initially installed thinanother application of GlasGrid may be required.Delete & rubber Getting It RightLyons says that long-term success for a fiberglass pavementEnlargepavement marking Removal reinforcement system hinges on three important factors: favorable subsurface conditions, selecting the right product and Delete respect the pavement proper installation. Regarding site conditions, he advises against using the product in areas with a weak subgrade or punchy pavement because the pavement will continue to shift, reducing the effectiveness of the reinforcement. Dadson adds that determining where to use such a project is key, and you cant assume it can be applied over rolling spots. You have to fix the thing thats heaving out of the asphalt, he says. You cant just put it over top and thinkits done.Choosing the proper product is also key. It is essential to identify a pavement reinforcement interlayer material that aligns with the intended application and has the appropriate coating and properties for an airfields particular conditions.Finally, the installation process is crucial. Even with the finest materials and appropriate tools for the job, there is still a risk of mishandling the project. At YCE, the subgrade was sufficiently strong. In addition, the installation contractor set up its own asphalt plant on the airport property, which meant crews worked with hot asphalt produced close to the application site instead of having to transport the perishable material over long distances. Cox Construction did a great job of paving, and they did quality work, Lyons notes. We had everything going for ourselves on this project. September 2023AirportImprovement.com'