b'RUNWAYSYCE77FACTS&FIGURES Project: Reinforcing Apron Pavement Location: Centralia/James T. Field Memorial AirportHuron Park, ONProject Scope: 54,000 sq. meters (64,586 sq. yds.) on apron & runwayStrategy: Install polymer-coated fiberglass grid between leveling course & wearing course to reinforce asphalt apron pavementEstimated Cost (1993): $175,500 for materials (approx. $133,266 USD)& $27,000 for installation (approx. $20,502 USD)1992 Asphalt Pavement Reinforcement Material: GlasGrid 8501 (originally manufactured by Bay Mills Ltd., since acquired by Saint-Gobain ADFORS) Product Distributor: Tensar Corp. Construction: Oct. 1992June 1993 (with extended hiatus due to winter weather)Key Benefits: Combats reflective cracking; extends life of asphaltConsulting Engineer for 1992 Plate Bearing Tests: Peto MacCallum Ltd. Engineer for 1993 Installation: Pryde, Schropp, McComb Inc. (later acquired by GENIVAR/WSP)Contractor for 1993 Installation: Cox Construction Ltd.Airport Owner During 1993 Installation: Ontario Development Corp. 1992Current Owner: New United Goderich Inc.SCHIBECIPP600 MICRO PLANERStripe & Marking Removal SystemNO GHOST LINES | NO TRACEHIGH PRODUCTION RATES | LOW OPERATING COST2018The installation contract was awarded to Cox Construction, and work began with the initial placement of hot mix asphalt over the apron section in late fall 1992. Bay Mills Limited, which has since been acquired by Saint-Gobain ADFORS, delivered two truckloads of GlasGrid from its manufacturing facility in Midland, ON, and installation was slated to be finished within a month. However, harsh winter weather delayed completion of the initial asphalt course. In the meantime, the GlasGrid material was stored in a hangar for the winter. Paving and installation of the reinforcement mat resumed in June 1993, without any tack coat required over the asphalt surface installed six months prior. The final portion of the project took only three days. Saint-Gobain, the company that currently produces GlasGrid, was originally founded in 1655 as a mirror glass manufacturer in Paris and produced glass for the lavish Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. In the 350+ years Saint-Gobain has been in business, it hasSold by:expanded to 70 countries and added a wide variety of glassMecom Equipment LLC | 209.466.5135 | mecomsales@aol.comproducts, including GlasGrid.FOR MORE INFORMATION: WWW.SCHIBECI.COMAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'