b'82 APA | SFF GENERAL AVIATIONLooking farther head, renovating the terminal is the next It was extremely useful to tie in a business planning major item on the master plan after the runway extension. Its aperspective, emphasizes Fronapfel. A lot of times, you do a beautiful Art Deco building from the 1930s, says Kuttrus. Theremaster plan update and it is all good from a planning standpoint, is all sorts of potential to lean into its historic significance. but unless you can tie it back to how are you going to fund it and Overall, the master planning process at SFF lasted from 2017implement it, it is not that useful.through April 2022. Kuttrus notes that it took longer than usualAt the end of the day, [the hybrid method] gave us all the tools because FAA did not accept the initial traffic forecasts, and thenwe wanted. the COVID pandemic caused additional delays. RS&H, the firm hired to develop APAs master plan, was so pleased with the results that it has adopted the hybrid approach Centennials Strategy as its preferred model for financially constrained airport clients. With a strong focus on corporate aviation, Centennial Airport (APA) in Englewood, CO,This was actually the second time APA tried to stretch the veered from the traditional master planningtraditional master planning process. Per the airports request, the process. consultant that created its 2006 master plan included business plan elements, but FAA rejected the unconventional approach. Fronapfel Mike Fronapfel, executive director of thesuspects that RS&Hs transparency in developing the creative hybrid Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority,planning approach and strong relationship with the FAA regional describes the new master plan for APA asairport office and Denver district office helped this time around. a hybrid because it goes beyond the basicMIKE FRONAPFELairfield and facilities planning required by FAAFronapfel, who served as APAs planning and development and also includes strategic financial planning and sustainabilitydirector during the master planning process, emphasizes how elements. well RS&H understood the airports objectives and jelled withits staff. Question todayImagine tomorrowCreate for the futureWSPs experience in the aviation industry dates back more than 85 years. We plan, design and manage projects that leverage the latest technologies to create modern state-of-the-art facilities that achieve owners sustainable design goals, enhance the passenger experience and improve operations.Find out what we can do for you.wsp.comSeptember 2022AirportImprovement.com'