b'Airport AdministrationVISIT US AT SWIFT BOOTH E Centennials updated master plan includesAll In One.Lease ManagementContract/Vendor ManagementReducea new air traffic control tower.Concessions ReportingyourWe Mean It. Purchase Order RequestscarbonFBO Service Requestsfootprint Emergency ManagementBY 50% Digital Incident Response Plans Virtual EOCIntroducingICS Formsthe KodiakSMS Phone, Email, Texting AlertingCleanPower HybridAnonymous Incident Reporting Calendar of Incidents Inspections & Daily Logschassis Risk Assessment Aircraft Alert ReportsRecommended ActionsAirfield Incident Reports Fuel Farm Inspections Circuit Lock Out/Lock In& Mitigation Plans Cut Cable Reports Ramp FOD Log Obstruction/Crane LogsHeat Mapping Environmental Spill Escort Log Deicing LogsSafety Assessment Runway Incursions Runway Closure LogSurveillance ReportsScreening Process Surface Incidents Taxiway/Runway FOD Log APU Action Logs Shift LogEquipment Checkout Log PAPI Inspection LogIn the end, with supporting analysisJacobs Engineering designed the newNoise Complaintsprovided within the master planningtaxiway layout. IHC Scott is the contractor. Environmentalprocess, APA did not change its existingRegarding a new control tower, the masterEnvironmental Spill Log Part 139 Operationsmanagement model. plan identified four options. The currentConstruction AssessmentWe are one of the most successfulairport-owned tower is 37 years old, doesBalanced Scorecard Part 139 Inspection ChecklistGA airports in the country. We focus onnot meet current FAA standards and hasStormwater Pollution Wildlife Logthe things we are good at, Fronapfeloperational issues, such as with its heatingPrevention Plan Operations Logsremarks, explaining that APA concentratesand ventilation system. In July, APA wasEnvironmental Observations Runway Condition Reportingits resources on the airfield and supportsoliciting an engineering firm to complete siteTenant Inspection Form Training Recordsservices, and encourages private entities toanalysis and design the new structure. develop other airport acreage. EMS Facility Exposure Assessment Mapping The new master plan also includes 25EMS Tenant Checklist We have proven that our model canbenchmarks that allow APA to annuallyOutfall Characteristics Airfield General IdentificationInventorybe successful. At the end of the day, wemeasure its financial and operationalCustom Layers Cranes/Obstructionswanted to stick with the model that wasperformance against nine similar generalSigns & Lights Hangars & Tie-Downsproven. aviation airports. External System IntegrationsMowing Areas Fire HydrantsDigital NOTAM Ditch Lines Drone SightingsThe Projects New Standard ModelMETARIn the traditional vein, APAs current masterThe more holistic master planning processDrainage Structure Snow Removal AreasNational Weather Serviceplan includes a 20-year capital improvementused at APA resonated soundly with theEsri ArcGISprogram and airport layout plan mappingteam at RS&H. This became our new wayCMMS/Work OrdersFIDS/Flight Awareout that vision. The two major projectsof thinking, Reeves remarks.Pavement Sensors Airfield Work Ordersoutlined in the plan are reconfiguringThe firm has since used the approachGPS Transponders Landside Work Ordersmidfield taxiways and building a new airat Range Regional Airport in Hibbing, MN,FAA Bird Strike Database Terminal Work Orderstraffic control tower. which is currently in the final stages ofActive DirectoryBuilding Work OrdersWhen power matters just as muchWork is expected to start shortly onapproving its new master plan. RS&H hasCrash Phones Preventative Maintenance Scheduleas your carbon footprint, turnthe $9 million taxiway projectthe largestalso been hired to use the approach atASD-X Data Public Tenants Portalto the NEW federally funded project in the airportsManassas Regional Airport in Virginia. Kodiak CleanPower .history. It is designed to cure a hot spot Hybrid chassisReeves notes that the new planning Learn more at www.SRM-Kodiak.comwhere multiple runway incursions havemethod may not be as appealing to large or contact Scott Pilling: 866-450-4232,occurred because aircraft crossed thecommercial airports with more internalThe comprehensive andveocior Spilling@srm-mfg.com hold bars without tower clearance. Theresources. However, for general aviation new layout will add separation betweencost effective solution for airports and small commercial airports with the active runway and taxi lanes. Fronapfellimited resources, it is critical to understandall your airports needs * Under normal airport operating conditions, carbon outputs willhopes the change will increase pilots be reducedby 50% when replacing one equal sized diesel enginehow to manage your assets and plan with electric motor drives.Copyright 2022, SRM-Kodiak andsituational awareness.Snake River Manufacturing. All rights reserved. accordingly.veoci.com/industries/aviation veoci.comSeptember 2022AirportImprovement.com'