b'PHOTO: TREY CAMBERN PHOTOGRAPHY, COURTESY OF TRANSYSTEMSPASSENGER TRANSPORTCMH471,700 parking spaces in the main parkinglevels. And 72% of customers parkingquick-turnaround areas, employees can decka 40% increase.at the airports new economy lot reserverefuel, wash, vacuum and perform light We had many days when we had tospots ahead of time. maintenance in about 15 minutes.close our deck because it was full, saysOther productivity-enhancing features Nardone. Hopefully we wont have to doMaximizing Efficiency include six service bays for on-site repairs that anymore. The new consolidated facility at CMHand scheduled maintenance such as oil houses nine rental car companies and ischanges. Nine stations for washing rental Increasing capacity for customer parkingeffectively divided into two sections. The without using valuable real estate hasvehicles are equipped with infrared heaters. customer lobby and parking area for rental become a big deal for airports throughoutvehicles are located on one side, and threeEmployees never have to leave the the U.S. Inadequate parking emerged as aquick-turnaround areas (one on each level)building, Pledger observes. This kind growing problem when the public startedare on the other. A bridge on each of theof efficiency is important because time is traveling again after COVID-19 traveltwo upper levels connects the two sections. money. The more cars they can clean and restrictions relaxed.have ready in an hour, the more cars they TranSystems designed the facility withhave available to rent. And they dont need Airport and parking officials say moreassistance from another architectural firm, passengers are driving to airports thanto invest in as many cars if they can turn Moody Nolan. Turner Construction Co. wasthem around and re-rent them quickly.before the pandemic, according to an articlethe general contractor. in the June 10, 2022, Wall Street Journal.To accommodate an expected increase Furthermore, increasing numbers of travelersKelli Pledger,in electric vehicles for rent, the facility are reserving spots ahead of time, leavingan architect withincludes infrastructure needed to add fewer spaces for day-of-flight parkers. TranSystems, notescharging stations on each level. that the facilitys At Los Angeles International Airport, fordesign helps rentalAnd speaking of electric vehicles, example, passenger volume is 25% downcar agencies operateCMH is using three battery-powered, from 2019, but the number of peoplemore efficiently. In thezero-emission electric buses to shuttle parking at the airport has surpassed 2019KELLI PLEDGER passengers between the terminal and AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'