b'Additional hangar space is a key part72 PGD GENERAL AVIATIONof the airports development plans. estimates from contractors, but so far, they have been too high, Parish explains. We wont build this facility until the price is within our budget.New Maintenance SchoolPHOTO: KENT SHORE Much to the delight of PGD officials, the state of Florida recently earmarked $3 million to construct a new training center within the AviEx footprint. The combined hangar and classroom facility will be part of an FAA-certified school for aircraft maintenance technicians established by Charlotte Technical College in August 2021.According to plans, the new facility will include four classrooms to accommodate Benefits of Energy Sealsup to 100 students at a time. Currently, the PLANES CANT SWEATliquid roof coatings: school holds classes at its main campus in THATS YOUR Repairs and prevents leaks nearby Murdock and in a small hangar at Reduces hangar temperature PGD with room for about 50 students. When ROOF LEAKING Extends the service life of yourthe new building is completed in 2024, it will existing roof greatly increase the number of maintenance Energy-Seal Coatings KeepWarranties cover labor andtechnicians the school can train and graduate. Your Hangar Dry and Cool materials for up to 20 years Everyone in the industry is desperate Installation with minimalto have more mechanics, Parish states. disruption Allegiant Airlines, our main commercial Low-cost maintenanceairline here, has told us they are poised to hire graduates of this school right after they Call Energy Seals professionalsgraduate. And, of course, our other general today at 800.587.3758 for a FREEaviation clients, as well as military aircraft and consultation and estimate. air taxis, also need more mechanics.Having the school right at the airport will streamline on-the-job training as AviEx attracts more avionics and aircraft maintenance businesses, he adds.The Charlotte County Airport Authority, which owns PGD, will construct the building and enter Weve Got You Covered a long-term lease agreement with Charlotte BEFORE AFTER County Public Schools to occupy and maintain energy-seal.com the facility.September 2022AirportImprovement.com'