b'TERMINALSDFW 29FACTS&FIGURES Project: Gate ReplacementLocation: Dallas Fort Worth Intl AirportSite: Gates 35-39 in Terminal CTotal Size: 78,600 sq. ft. ramp & concourse levels(5 modular units 84 ft. square; 1 module 56 x 84 Strategy: Constructing modular units landside, then transporting them across tarmac to set them in place for final build-outNotable Obstacles: Each 900,000-lb. module was transported about 1 mile, across 2 runways & under activelight rail systemCost: $160 million (including shell & core and fit-out costs)Timeline: Feb. 2021-June 2022Module Move: 6 overnight shutdown periodsin Aug. & Sept. 2021Due to the keyoperations are out of one terminal, thoseProject Partner: American Airlines role Terminal C playsgates become very important to be back inGeneral Contract Fit Out: Byrne/JRT Joint Venturefor American andoperation as fast as possible, says Naja.Architect for Fit Out: CorganDFW, an acceleratedWhile modular building practicesGeneral Contractor Shell & Core: Archer Western-H.J. construction timelinehave been adopted in other industries,Russell-Phillips/May Joint Venture was critical. TerminalDFW and American both recognized theArchitect Shell & Core: PGALC is the center of ourconcept might prove to be challenging operation, so removingStructural Engineer: Henderson + Rogers gates is not good,CHRIS COLLISON at the 4th busiest airport in the UnitedModule Transport: MammoetStates. But with the right partner explains Chris Collison, director of corporate[American Airlines], we assessed it andSmart Glass: Viewreal estate for American. We needed to getbelieved it would be the solution thatSeating: Arconas, Kusch, Krueger Intl, Knoll & Jensen Charging them back in service as quickly as possible. fit in this situation, says MohammedTablesAirport leaders agreed wholeheartedly.Charkas, senior vice president of airportDigital Communications: SynectWhen essentially over 1/3 of yourdevelopment at DFW. Key Benefits: Modular engineering/construction saved time& money; facilities were improved for passengers & employees AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'