b'24 DEN TERMINALSOptimal equipment has led to great savings of water and energymany other local construction projects, the expansion at DEN was in the new concourse spaces. Highly efficient toilets, faucets andconsidered essential and did not have to shut down during the drinking fountains use 45% less water than standard fixtures.early days of the COVID pandemic. We provided an opportunity HTNB and Jacobs performed energy studies that included groundfor our trades and construction folks to continue to work, Williams loading, aircraft parked at the gate and jet bridges operations.recalls. Energy-efficient people movers are installed as well.In addition to extensive construction crews working on the Gate The glass and glare studies that guided decisions for airfieldExpansion Program, the new gates, holdrooms and concessions safety also helped reduce solar heat gain throughout the newspaces will require new workers. With all those extra gates concourse structures. Designers added tinting to the glass thatand holdrooms, there are additional jobs that are needed by varies from top to bottom to address different sun angles. Thisboth United and Southwest, as well as our concessionaires and not only reduces glare for guests and workers inside the building,maintenance people, Williams remarks. The economic benefit is but also reduces the energy required to heat and cool the space.significant.To supplement the natural light in the concourse expansions,Passengers have been largely unaffected by construction there is artificial lighting with automatic control systems. If thebecause the new structures are being added off the ends of the building is not occupied and the system doesnt detect motion, thecurrent concourses. Terminal and concourse signage will continue lights dim down to minimum levels, Perdomo explains. As peopleto help passengers find their gates throughout construction and pass through the new space at night, lights automatically increasethe airline gate moves coming in Phase 2. in brightness. Because of the natural light in the new concourseAirport leaders report that guests are enthusiastic about the spaces, DEN was able to reduce interior lighting by 40%.facilities that have already openedparticularly the furniture, design and functionality. Passenger feedback on our new gate Local Impactsexpansion areas has been overwhelmingly positive, says Stacey During construction, there has been a sizable workforce onsite Stegman, senior vice president of Global Communications, an average of 1,500 construction employees every day. Unlike Lower your energy costs andreduce your carbon footprint!ENVIRONMENTALLYFRIENDLYOur ecological design produces very low levels of oil-soiled waste.Starglide Belt Walkways have fewer parts, thus reducing your energy consumption.Learn more atStarglideBelts.comSeptember 2022AirportImprovement.com'