b'GENERAL AVIATIONPGD 73Return on Investment Two major runway improvements were performed in the last With most of the new AviEx facilities complete, Parish lookstwo years. In 2021, PGD rebuilt and extended Runway 15-33 an forward to attracting more general aviation traffic and associatedextra 593 feet, to a total of 6,281 feet. This year, PGD is rebuilding businesses. Our new Air Center and hangars should entice moreits 7,193-foot main runway, 4-22, to meet increasing traffic from pilots and companies into making our airport their permanentboth Allegiant Air and Sun Country Airlines. Kimley-Horn designed base, he comments. And once all of our new hangars and thethe project and Wright Construction Group is executing its plans. FBO facility are finished, I think we should really be able to competeBoth runways were built in the 1940s, and just had to be with other local airports, especially for corporate clients. redone, Parish remarks.Demand for graduates of the new aircraft maintenance programAlso of note: Allegiant is partnering in the development of a is high, he reports. We expect representatives from both airlinesvacation spot for tourists on the north side of Charlotte Harbor in and private companies to travel here more often to interviewPort Charlotte. Located just six miles from the airport, Sunseeker technicians. Resort is sure to bring in more passenger traffic to PGD when it opens in 2023, notes Parish. Other ImprovementsOne local event that regularly boosts interest in commercial While AviEx is designed for general aviation clients, PGD is alsoand general aviation is the Florida International Air Show, which making improvements to attract more commercial traffic. In fact,is often held at PGD. It was on hiatus this year while crews Parish was recently named the 2021 Air Carrier Airport Manager ofreconstruct Runway 4-22, but is scheduled to be back with the Year for FAAs Southern Region Airports Division.the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds in November 2023. This is a This is definitely a team award, as our airport stakeholdersgood promotional event for the community, and gets people are working together to increase airline destinations amidstmore interested in aviation, says Parish. With the main runway the growing shortage of aviation professionals, Parish says.improvements, we can handle any aircraft that comes here. And Specifically, he credits the airports small but resilient staff andour newly built ramp will give planes more room to park during the forward-thinking board.show. WHATS AT THE END OFYOUR RUNWAY?LEARN MOREwww.runwaysafe.com | info@runwaysafe.comAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'