b'32 DFW TERMINALSDynamic glass from View automaticallytints to minimize heat gain. Made of electrochromic glass with a coating Passionthat automatically tints in response to electrical for thecurrent, the dynamic windows reduce solar Humanheat gain and associatedKRISTI CRASEenergy costs. They also Experience provide a full view of the airfield, maximize natural light in the space and reduce glare, explains Kristi Crase, director of aviation business for View. To have a light-filled space thats comfortable and blocks out all theKYLE SMITHheat and allows people full communication with whats happening on the airfield is remarkable, says Kyle Smith, regional vice president for View. The Smart Windows help DFW meet its goals regarding people, the planet and profit, DFW TERMINAL C GATES Smith adds. They want to keep the airport affordable for their airline partners, continually ArchitectureInterior Designcorgan.com optimize the use of their entire terminal floor plan and keep the airport as comfortable as possible for people, he specifies.September 2022AirportImprovement.com'