b'TERMINALSKOA 11FACTS&FIGURES Project: Federal Inspection Services Building& Holdroom BuildingLocation: Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl AirportKeahole,Kailua-KonaSite: South of Main TerminalScope: 48,500 sq. ft. Cost: $58.7 millionDesign: April 2017-April 2018Construction: Jan. 2020-Oct. 2021; first commercial intl flights expected in Aug. 2022 Facility Features: Federal Inspection Station (32,700 sq. ft.); covered waiting area for tour groups (6,300 sq. ft.); new gate for intl/domestic flights; covered, air-conditioned holdroom (7,000 sq. ft.); covered airside walkway (2,500 sq. ft.) Architect: KYA Inc.Contractor: Nan Inc.Construction Manager: Wesley R. Segawa & Assoc.Seating: ArconasBiometric Customs Processing: NeoFace Express, by NECProject: Terminal Modernization Location: Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl AirportKeahole,Kailua-KonaSite: Main TerminalScope of Improvements: 78,000 sq. ft.Key Elements: Security screening building (10,000 sq. ft.) with 6-lane passenger checkpoint; baggage handling system building (37,000 sq. ft.); baggage tunnel (10,000 sq. ft.); concession/restroom buildings (12,000 sq. ft.); bag drop canopies (9,000 sq. ft.)Cost: $80.4 millionConstruction: Feb. 2017 to March 2020; new inline USDA screening system expected to be operational in Jan. 2023Architect: KYA Inc.Moreover, bringing international traffic toThe new 32,700-square-foot structureContractor: Nan Inc.the Big Island adds tourism revenue. Thehouses CBP offices and accommodatesConstruction Manager: Wesley R. Segawa & Assoc.decision was a no-brainer for state officials,passengers arriving from international and they agreed to have the new FIS builtdestinations.Baggage System Design: BNPby Dec. 31, 2021.Baggage System Construction: Five Star Airport AllianceArriving passengers are greeted by largeBaggage System Programmer: Brock SolutionsConstruction beganmetal KOA letters on the exterior wall of the in January 2020,new facility. From the airfield side, the FISProject: USDA Inspection Buildingand the new stationbuilding has a very modern look to it, saysLocation: Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl AirportKeahole,opened in OctoberBotticelli. Theres a lot of glass showingKailua-Kona2021two monthson that side. And the three-letter airportSite: Main Terminalahead of scheduledesignator code in 10-foot-tall letters bringsScope of Improvements: 5,600 sq. ft.and nearly $1 milliona lot of attention to the building.under budget. MarcKey Elements: USDA screening facility in line with security MARC BOTTICELLI After deplaning, passengers are ledscreening systemBotticelli, constructionabout 50 feet across the tarmac toEstimated Cost: $8 millionmanager with Wesley R. Segawa andthe FIS building, where they undergo Associates, notes that even though theConstruction: April 2021 to Dec. 2022; new inline baggage U.S. Customs and Border Protectionsystem expected to be operational in Jan. 2023project took place as the pandemic raged,screening. Once cleared, they collect theirArchitect: KYA Inc.the team had no problem getting materialschecked luggage and proceed throughContractor: Nan Inc.because most items were onsite beforeImmigration.supply shortages became norm. In fact,Construction Manager: Wesley R. Segawa & Assoc.construction was easier because air trafficIn the past, the process could beBaggage System Design: BNPwas greatly reduced, he adds.lengthyespecially when hundreds ofBaggage System Construction: Five Star Airport AllianceBaggage System Programmer: Brock SolutionsAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'