b'42 MSP TERMINALSBringing the Vision to Life exchanges to prevent operational disruptions during this portion The majority of mechanical and electrical systems previously usedof the project. in Concourse G had not been upgraded since they were originallyUpgrading restrooms was a key priority during the Concourse installed in 1984. Engineering firm Michaud Cooley EricksonG project. The previous restrooms were located in the gate installed new air handling units in the penthouse and mechanicalseating area, which presented ventilation issues and the project room on the ground level. It also separated the mechanical systemsteam felt this was inconvenient for passengers from a visual into one for the penthouse and one for the rest of the facility.perspective. When locating the new restroom suite, planners Electrical systems were modernized with the installation of newestablished clear visual sightlines to make it easier for guests. panelboards and feeders. Close coordination was required becauseThe MAC [Metropolitan Airports Commission] has a huge part of the expansion was built over a large electrical room.focus on accessibility, and the restroom experience became a big Maintaining a concourse like this duringpiece of that, adds Cooley Bruggemann. MAC wants to make construction takes a lot of careful planning,sure that restrooms are a welcoming space for anyone. such as using temporary electrical feedersThe new restrooms in Concourse G consequently include or air handling units on the roof, explainsfacilities designnated for men, women, companion care andKerry Cooley Bruggemann, principal of Salesnursing mothers. Cooley Bruggemann emphasizes that adult-size and Aviation at Michaud Cooley Erickson. Inchanging tables significantly enhance the travel experience for addition, we used fabric ductwork to allow forguests and their caregivers by providing a more diginfied area for spaces to stay conditioned and comfortable. KERRY COOLEY BRUGGEMANN changing and other needs. The MAC recognized this and started Construction crews broke ground instrategically distributing adult changing stations in the right February 2020, which meant much of their work occurred duringspaces throughout the terminal, she adds. The tables can move the tumultuous early days of COVID. Fortunately, Michaudup and down, providing a sturdy, stable and private place.This Cooley Erickson already had a plan in place to improve air qualitywas important to add into the terminal because there is a need.September 2022AirportImprovement.com'