b'PASSENGER TRANSPORTPHX63Additional Bells and Whistles Regarding the fleet, Lea+Elliott, Inc. provided oversight of During Stage 2, the airport moved its staging center for taxis, Uberthe new vehicles, upgrades to the existing fleet, the guideway and Lyft drivers and other ground transportation providers becauseconstruction interface for system equipment, manufacturing the new train guideway bisected the lot. The only available locationand installation. It also handled integration testing and system for a staging lot was a bit farther awaywest of 24th Streetcommissioning.and north of Buckeye Road. There was a lot of concern by theDarryl Jaquess, the Lea+Elliott associate principal who served drivers that this relocation would have a big impact on them, saysas project manager for all three stages, notes that dealing with Kimley-Horns Walnum. So, we spent a lot of time looking at traffic,obsolescence was a key issue for Stage 2 because technology speeds and drive times to show them that the new site wouldhas evolved considerably since the first PHX Sky Train vehicles actually give them better access to Sky Harbor Boulevard with drivewent into operation in 2013. The team had to bring the old fleet times that would be similar, or even better.up to date, so those cars could intermingle with the new ones. Designers developed a nice lot and a large building with spaceThe highest priority was the vehicle communication system, for ground transport providers, he adds. Features include a restwhich required a completely new overlay. Just like your personal facility for drivers, a separate break area and an integrated taxicomputer, over 10 years, it becomes obsolete, Jaquess explains. dispatch room. You dont want to have the old vehicles operate on one platform Stage 2 also doubled the size of the PHX Sky Trainand the new ones operate on a different platform.maintenance and support facility, adding 30,000 square feet for storage, an automated vehicle wash and storage tracks.Into the FutureThe building is designed to hold more than 60 vehicles toFrom size and scope to structure and systems, every element of accommodate future fleet expansion. the PHX Sky Train project has been designed with future growth in mind. In Stage 2, that meant finding ways to accommodate a Congratulations to the City of Phoenix and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on the extension of the PHX Sky Train that includes an additional 2.5 miles of dual-lane guideway for improved access for travelers. Kimley-Horn is proud to have been a design partner on all phases of the PHX Sky Train since 2003.To learn more about the PHX project, contact our Automated People Movers expert Nate Walnum (nate.walnum@kimley-horn.com) or our National Aviation Practice Leads:PHX Sky TrainJ.J. Mortonarthur.morton@kimley-horn.com312.212.8487Carlos Maedacarlos.maeda@kimley-horn.com321.438.6647Pam Keidel-Adamspam.keidel-adams@kimley-horn.com480.207.2670AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'