b'The Federal Inspection 12 KOA TERMINALS Services facility features biometric Customs processing. passengers disembarked a single widebody aircraft arriving from Japan, where nearly all of the airports international traffic originates.To improve efficiency, KOA installed the NeoFace Express biometric system from NEC. Its so easy now to clear Customs, says Duvauchelle. Before, you had to show your passport and then go through documentation. Now, its so simple, its unbelievable. A passenger just scans his or her passport and gets a green light to go forward, and then walks in front of a camera/monitor and gets the green arrow to proceed. Then, Immigration agents ask the passenger questions. The new biometric process eliminates a good two-thirds of the time required by the old manual process.Kyle Wang, a principal at KYA Inc., an architecture firm based in Honolulu, notes that the FIS is designed to process 400 passengers per hour and is expandable to processa peak KYLE WANG LET US HELP YOU UPGRADE YOUR AIR FLOW TO MAXIMIZE AIR SAFETY!Improving air quality in buildings is one of many effective strategies to help prevent illness caused by viruses and bacteria! While betterltration is great, worn components will still cause reduced air ow and energy ef ciency losses. Adjustments for fan/blower components may be requiredUPGRADE!to be sure they can function with the improvedltration.The Browning belt drive upgrade program can help to optimize your buildings belt drives, increasing air quality and saving energy and maintenance spending!We follow the 4 steps of ef ciency: 1. Upgrade from wrappedto notched belts2. Replace any sheaves with wear greater than 1/323. Properlytension belts DOWNLOAD 4. Install Tenso-Set self-adjusting motor base THE BROWNINGTOOLBOX TECHNICIAN APP!Use the Retro t Audit Sheet in the Browning Toolbox Technician app to tell us about your drives! Our engineering team uses the data you input to plan your optimization report with optimized drive design, ROI and parts list!For more information, contact BrowningHVACretro ts@regalrexnord.com or scan the QR code!regalrexnord.com/BeltDriveRetro tRegal Rexnord, Browning, Creating a better tomorrow, Tenso-Set and Toolbox Technician are trademarks of Regal Rexnord Corporation or one of its af liated companies. 2019, 2022 Regal Rexnord Corporation, All Rights Reserved.MCAD22057E10330E Creating A Better TomorrowSeptember 2022AirportImprovement.com'