b'GENERAL AVIATIONPGD 71construction crews did miss time due to COVID, and that set us back, says Parish. We also had other labor shortages and a few supply-chain issues. We are probably six to nine months behind our original schedule.The centerpiece element, however, opened on schedule in August despite an unusual obstacle. When finishing the new Air Center, the project team found it surprisingly difficult to procure light poles for the parking lot. Michael Baker International, Johnson-Laux Construction and airport staff members had to search all over the region to find them.We routinely specify DOT standard elements to make it easy to obtain lights from local suppliers. But this year, they have been elusive, Kistler remarks. Eventually, a supplier was found. They are now on back order and will arrive this fall. In the meantime, PGD installed temporaryportable lights. The last major element of AviEx, a large FBO hangar, has been delayed until 2023. We receivedRelocating general aviation infrastructure away from the main terminal will create more room for commercial activity. PGD Air Center Complex Punta Gorda, FloridaPROVIDING A FULL SUITE OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES TO BUILD AND ENHANCE OUR NATIONS AIRPORTSMBAKERINTL.COMAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'