b'RUNWAYS COS89at COS executed them in a manner that garnered state and Throughout the project, Miller emphasized the importance national recognition. of safeguarding the interests of entities that rely on COS to run The Runway 17R-35L project won the 2021 Best in Coloradotheir businesses. Though we maintained two crossover points award, airport category, from the Colorado Asphalt Pavementat all times to get west-side tenants to the other runway, shutting Association and was recognized for Quality in Construction bydown 17R-35L meant more than a mile of taxiing, he relates. I the National Asphalt Pavement Association. Konen attributes thecant say enough about the great team in our Public Information accolades to Kiewits paving methodology.Office who sent out regular updates on what was open, what was closed, and for how longvirtually every day.In terms of creating high-quality asphalt, you want the paver to move as consistently as possible when the material is laid down,Pilots Like Ithe explains. We precisely calculated exactly how much of the fullWith the project complete last summer, Miller is enthusiastic width of the runway could be paved in a single shift. This perfectlyabout how the improved runway is impacting the community it aligned the asphalts longitudinal joints created from each daysserves. The demand for public infrastructure that keeps people work. As a result, the transverse joints are virtually non-existentmoving immediately turns into jobs whenever the infrastructure is The FAA assigns a pay factor based on the quality of the work,upgraded, he says of the catalytic stimulus induced by federal and if certain metrics arent met, funding is diminished. On thisinvestments in airport improvements. project, we paved a total of 39 shifts, each of which is graded. None of them were rated under 100 percent. This project could have been extremely complicated, but the strong commitment to coordination set us up for success, In retrospect, Miller says that continually communicating thereflects the 25-year industry veteran. In the end, airports are projects complexities to stakeholders was as challenging asabout great pavement, which isnt just nice to have, its critical. coordinating and executing them. 17R-35L turned out to be a great project for us. Best of all, the For the airport, communication is the cornerstone of goodpilots like it. customer service, he remarks. PRESERVING RUNWAYSDAY & NIGHTFAA P-608 COMPLIANT FAA P-608-R COMPLIANTHundreds of Runways Safely Treated SAFE Recommended for Time-Constrained& Environmentally Responsible Project ConditionsOver 25 Years Serving PROVEN Rapidly Cures to Runway Safetythe Aviation Industry Standards in 2-3 HoursMitigates Asphalt-Based EFFECTIVE No Long-Term Airport FOD & Surface OxidationClosures & Lost RevenueBoth treatments can be applied on all airfield pavements without restrictions.asphaltsystemsinc.comAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'