b'52 CWARUNWAYSCentral Wisconsin Airport TakesFirst Step in Decoupling Runways BY JODI RICHARDS The $14 million runwayAssistant Airportfull-depth reconstruction and address the reconstruction that CentralDirector Mark Cihlarunderlying issue. Wisconsin Airport (CWA) completednotes that differentialPlanning for the reconstruction began last fall not only rebuilt its 53-year-old runway.frost heave is ain 2016, when CWA engaged consulting The project also sets the stage for anotherprimary challenge forfirm Mead & Hunt to complete an Airport airfield project that will improve safety andpavement at CWAMaster Plan. The airport has two runways help ensure future viability of the airport.because the airfield(17-35 and 8-26) that form a T, with Runway 17-35 dates back to 1974, fivehas very frost- MARK CIHLAR a safety hotspot where they intersect years after CWA was originally constructedsusceptible soils withbecause of the closely aligned thresholds. and opened. The surface had been rehabbedwidely varying depths of bedrock. SeveralBasically, the FAA acknowledged that we over the years, but there was still somerehabilitation projects had addressedneeded to reconstruct Runway 17-35, but original pavement in place, and, overall, thepavements that were affected by thethey wanted to see the runway intersection runway had reached the end of its useful life.frost heave, but it was time to perform adecoupled first, Cihlar explains. September 2022AirportImprovement.com'