b'T95The T95 is our flagship dual-engine snow blower. This is our fastest and most powerful model, ideal for larger airports. Versatile like no other, it comes with a choice of 5 different blower heads, 3 brooms and plows. With our quick hitch, you can switch from one attachment to another, making this multifunctional carrier vehicle a no-brainer for your daily operations.FB FB18 | FB20 | FB22 FP FP18 | FP20 | FP22Our 3 exceptional T95 compatible brooms are3 plows, 1 goal; to clear snow away fast and as efficient as they are capable. Hydrostaticallyclean. Our rugged, relentless FP Series plows driven by its powerful auxiliary engine, the FBleave nothing behind on the runway. They make a Series brooms make a clean sweep of snow, andbreeze out of a storm.always deliver a job done well.'