b'TERMINALSDEN 23Bonus Features Sustainable Design StrategiesOriginally, the expansion designs included mezzanine areas forThe airport, WSP, HNTB and Jacobs determined that the Gate public restaurants. But when Southwest saw the attractive spaces,Expansion Program would aim for Gold Certification under the they claimed them for flight, ground and inflight operations and/ Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. or passenger airline clubs. Southwest will also house employeeB-West and C-East have already achieved it, and the remaining training, ground crew education and other internal functions there.expansion projects are aiming for the same. C-East was very high Zenoni notes that is uncommon for carriers to put offices withinin gold certificationtwo points from achieving platinum, Zenoni airport terminals because they are typically too noisy and chaotic.advises. We exceeded expectations already, and I think the team But we were able to create the separation of sound for that moreis very pleased.relaxed and healthy environment, he remarks.To capture solar energy, designers added rooftop photovoltaic The second-floor mezzanines are physically separated fromarrays. These are huge buildings that have tons of roof surface. secure passenger areas but connected visually with glass andSo its either going to heat up your building, or you can use it to design elements.your advantage, Zenoni explains. Airside, DEN ended up with another bonus areaa newThe airport plans to add photovoltaic panels everywhere possible commuter facility on the apron level in Concourse C. It wason the new structures to not only collect energy but also shade originally planned as a service garage for ground supportthe building. The roofing system has a white cover that reflects equipment, but Jacobs changed gears when the need for moresunlight, again to reduce energy consumption by mechanical regional jet facilities increased during the COVID pandemic. Weequipment. However, photovoltaic arrays and exterior glass switched in the middle of construction to convert this garage,features can create glare issues, so the design teams completed a if you will, into a holdroom for commuter-level services andstudy to ensure these reflective surfaces on the building would not connected it directly to the main concourse of the building,create hazards for control tower personnel or pilots. recalls Zenoni. That flexibility is critical to surviving a project likeRecycling is another big focus at DEN. Thus far, the project this, and we had a number of those on-the-fly decisions. team has recycled more than 90% of all waste generated onsite The new commuter facility supports service from Boutiqueand more than 20% of materials used for the expansions were Air, Denver Air Connection and Southern Airways Express made from recycled materials. regional carriers that provide connections to/from surrounding communities where large aircraft operations are not possible or preferred. Shifting the purpose for the area from equipment storage to a commuter facility created the need for vertical transportation to take passengers to/from the terminal in C-East. Rather than just inserting a standard elevator as an afterthought, Jacobs specified a glass elevator. You get a cool experience of seeing how an elevator works, says Zenoni. You get to see all the pulleys and cables and electronics that are in there. The elevator also provides unobstructed views of the outdoor deck, so passengers walking in the concourse dont miss the opportunity to take advantage of the outdoor space.During early planning and design phases, DEN and its project partners decided to add deicing storage facilities to the ends of A-West and B-West. Although A-West wont be open for passengers until later this year,PROUDTOBEAPARTNERWITHDENDEN opened the A-West deicing facility in September 2021 for the 20212022 snowCONGRATULATIONSONTHEOPENINGOFTHENEWCONCOURSECEXPANSION season. We were able to catch that in timeThrough strategic partnership with our clients, we deliver so the impact to the construction was not thatinnovative solutions to achieve your vision.Projects you significant, Williams relates. canaffordtobuildandoperate,whileprovidingposi-tiveeconomicimpactsonthecommunitiesweserve. AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'