b'PASSENGER TRANSPORTCMH49lobby. The bridge would connect to a nearby parking structurecollaborative team Ive ever worked with, which made itthat is part of the airports master plan for capital improvements.a fun project.Eventually, another pedestrian bridge then would connect thatWith so many vested parties involved, Nardone and Pledger parking ramp to a new terminal, Pledger explains. both note that effective communication was essential. Expectations regarding the exterior appearance of the newWe had a regular cadence of meetings with the car rental rental car facility were high because it is located near thecompanies and the contractor and other stakeholders,airport entrance. We didnt want people to drive in and haverecalls Nardone.an industrial-looking building form their first impression of the airport, Pledger comments. TranSystems solicited feedback from the car rental companies at monthly design meetings.On the other hand, it couldnt look better than the proposed terminal. We didnt want to upstage a future terminal, but we also dont know what it might look like, she says. We were told to consider the terminal as the bride and the rental carELEVATINGfacility as a bridesmaid.To strike the right balance, TranSystems specified nicer-than-usual exterior materials, but nothing too flashy. For instance, theTHE PASSENGEREXPERIENCEportion of the building that houses the quick-turnaround areas is clad with architecturalW W W . T R A N S Y S T E M S . C O Mpre-cast panels in a neutral sand color.Designers also added a glass curtainwall and architectural feature lighting. The airport already had some linear blue lighting on the underside of bridges as you come into the airport, so we connected to an existing aesthetic that would remain regardless of the how the new terminal looks, Pledger explains. Successful OutcomeConstruction began in spring 2019, and the new facility opened on Sept. 1, 2021, rightCOLUMBUS CONRACon schedule. Nardone says teamwork and communication allowed the project team to finish on time despite unusual challenges presented by the pandemic. Construction projects are challenging even under the best of circumstance, he reflects. Im really proud of our team, the architectsAIRSIDE PLANNINGand the general contractor. They powered through a lot of distraction and difficulties LANDSIDE ENGINEERINGtheir hard work allowed us to deliver the project on time. SIMULATION MODELING ARCHITECTUREThe most important thing with any project is the people on the team, and we were blessed to have TranSystems and Turner Construction on the project.Pledger agrees, stating, For a project of this scale and size, it all went very smoothly. We had a great working relationship with both the airport and the contractor. Its the most ELKINS RANDOLPHCHICAGO OHARE REGIONAL AIRPORT MULTIMODAL FACILITYAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'