b'PHOTO: THE METROPOLITAN AIRPORTS COMMISSIONTERMINALSMSP 43The nursing mothers room near gate G18 includes a private lactation space. Another upgrade is a monitoring system for toilet paper, paperThe exterior of the concourse was updated with a new towels and soap. The team at Michaud Cooley Erickson added acurtainwall. Electrochromic glass from SageGlass automatically system that automatically notifies the maintenance staff when anycreates shade throughout the day as needed to reduce the need of these consumables needs to be replenished. Each dispenserfor air conditioning. In addition, translucent Solara glazing units in has a sensor that is wired into the automation system for thethe upper bands of the curtainwall increase the thermal value of entire airport. Maintenance staff receives specific information,the windows and send diffused light deep into the gate areas. such as the third stall on the right in the womens restroom nearThe glass isnt always the same color, explains Rief. The Gate 18 needs more toilet paper.brighter it is outside, the darker the glass gets to help with that Cooley Bruggemann notes that the automated monitoringheat reduction for the interior experience. Yet, its still glass and system is more efficient because MSP can deploy staff on an as- you get that daylighting opportunity.needed basis instead of a schedule that tries to anticipate needs.A green roof that is part of the shell building is visible from Other restroom upgrades include natural light to brighten theinside the new Sky Club through the rotunda.space and translucent walls with glass art that is visible from inside and outside restroom entrances.Maximizing ImpactProper lighting can significantly impact a space to create a senseThe Metropolitan Airports Commission focuses on infrastructure of security and safety, says Cooley Bruggemann. The art makes itimprovements that are detail-oriented, customer-focused more beautiful and an overall better passenger experience. and collaborative. There was a substantial synergy between stakeholders and tenants that launched this project into motion, The restrooms arent the only areas in Concourse G with newobserves Ilvonen. It was fun to be a part of.art. The Terrazzo corridor leading up to the rotunda features a 500-square-foot art display with 16 cases built aroundWith the Concourse G expansion and modernization all but support columns. The cases feature rotating seasonal exhibitscomplete, Ryks describes the project as truly transformational. for passengers to experience en route to their gates. A largeWe pride ourselves on the experience we offer passengers, he suspended sculpture will be added to the rotunda later this year.says. This demonstrates that we are going to invest in projects that will improve the overall experience for our customers, Like art, sustainability is a standard component of improvementsemployees, and everyone coming in contact with the airport. throughout MSP. We incorporate sustainability into each project, explains Rief. For this project, we created infill next to where weThis project created a fabulous opportunity for us to have Gates G18 through G22. But we didnt just do the infill. Wemodernize and maximize our concourse space, Rief adds. Its took the opportunity to upgrade and enhance the efficiency of allbeen such a successful project that were going to replicate it the heating and cooling at that end of the concourse. throughout the airport. AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'