b'The new baggage system TERMINALSKOA 13includes inline screening capabilities. of 600 passengers per hour. The entire facility was designed with future expansion in mind, he says.Design materials were specifically chosen to support CBP functions, Wang adds. Glass walls provide interior separation inside the building and allow agents to view passengers from a single vantage point. Line of sight monitoring is possible from the moment travelers step into the building until they leave. After exiting the facility, passengers can now wait for tour buses in a 6,300-square-foot covered area with seating. Wang notes that it was important for KOA to have a large area for buses because much of its international traffic is from group tours. Although the new FIS opened in October 2021, it has only served passengers arriving on private aircraft due to pandemic-relatedTo set the tone for LAXs landside travel restrictions. In mid-July, Duvauchelle and other airport officials remained hopefultransforma on, LAX Economy Parking that commercial flights from Japan would resume in early August as planned.elevates the guest experience. Terminal Improvements- Michael Pendergrass, Watry Design, Inc.All departing passengersdomestic and internationalwill benefit from recent and ongoing improvements to the main terminal. Previously, KOA had two separate terminalsNorth and South. An $80 million terminal modernization project recently connected the two terminals with a new six-lane security checkpoint.Before the modernization program, the two individual terminals had separate passenger screening, separate check-in lobbies and separate baggage systems, which was somewhat inefficient in terms of operations, explains Wang. The program has now consolidated the checkpoints and the baggage screening systems, while enhancing the passenger experience throughout the airport. And it improves the efficiency of TSA.With the two terminals connected, passengers are able to access concessions on both sides after they clear the consolidated security checkpoint. When considering ways to link the previously separate terminals, airport officials insisted on maintaining KOAs original essence. Designers achieved this by forgoing a roof between the two terminals and using an open-air courtyard instead. The new baggage system is expected to be fully operational this October. Once complete, screening machines for checked baggage will no longer reside in the lobby. What we have now is that baggage is screened before you check in, says Duvauchelle. The new system AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'