b'TERMINALSDEN 21reduces the need for artificial lightand energy. Not only doesThe airport intends to replace existing seating in other parts of lighting itself hog energy, but it also creates a lot of heat that youthe terminal with the new DEN-spec Zenky Plus models.then have to overcome with air conditioning, adds Zenoni. SoZoeftig worked closely with Gallun Snow and the building design its kind of a double dip if you can reduce artificial lighting. teams to meet ADA requirements and provide compliant seating Like natural light, sound was a key focus area for HNTB and(with ADA power) and spacing for people with reduced mobility. Jacobs. Designers used ceiling baffles, better speakers andAlthough restrooms are a necessity, HNTB and Jacobs worked proper speaker placement to improve the acoustics. Boardingto make them modern and elegant. Designers added lots of announcements are now clearer and more directed within specificnatural light and an unusual featurewindows with views of the areas. It makes you instantly relax and put your guard downairfield and nearby mountains. when dont have a constant barrage of sounds and boarding announcements, Zenoni explains. It changes the way you perceiveRestroom entrances are designated with blue quartz entry and feel at the airport a lot. portals. HNTB Principal Designer Tim Cahill likens the treatment People have recently noticed the background music, he adds. Its always been there. They just never heard it. WSPs Perdomo notes that passengers moving from the existing concourses into the new expansion spaces notice a significant difference in sound levels. People are shocked with how quiet it is, he says. Its just a quiet atmosphere with clear sounds. The new holdrooms include areas configured for specific uses and passenger profiles, such as a busy zone for families traveling with children and a quieter zone for business travelers who want to plug in andURECTwork. HNTB used the zone strategy andFA DUI NN T A Hmoved boarding queues next to the glass to M Eprevent lines from spilling into the circulationUAScorridors to meet requirements of United Airlines new Gates of the Future program. The whopping 54 new holdrooms are outfitted with a variety of new furniture and seating. Options include tandem holdroom seating, lounge chairs and high-top tables with stools. (See Fact & Figures section on Page 17 for details about specific vendors.) All seating has power outlets for passengers to charge their devices.The airport commissioned Zoeftig to create a bespoke design of its Zenky Plus seating range with custom arms and legs and unique paint finishes. The manufacturer also amended the design of the tables with a unique Corian material and invisible fixings, so it appears the tables are floatingwithout bolts and screws in plain sight. Ultimately, we created a unique, high-spec and very opulent product to basically raise their passenger experience to the highest level, says Martin Sharp, the companys senior regional director.MARTIN SHARPAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'