b'68 P GENERAL AVIATION rda Airport ExpandsPGD n a Gu t oGeneral Aviation FacilitiesBY MIKE SCHWANZ A major expansion projectworking to make the area a bustling hubPhase Three is currently underway catering to the needs of generalfor further general aviation activity andand includes a slew of new hangars. The aviation traffic is well underway atan economic development engine for theproject team expects crews to complete Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) in southwesternentire region. 19 box hangars and 24 T hangars by Florida. By relocating existing generalThe first phase, completed this spring,the end of this year. Construction of a aviation and FBO activities away from theadded 510,000 square feet of ramplarge FBO hangar adjacent to the new Air main terminal area, the airport also willspace and extended Taxiway E. PhaseCenter is slated for 2023. relieve congestion and create more roomTwo culminated with the opening ofBefore all of the recent and current for commercial airliners.the PGD Air Center in August. The newdevelopment, PGD was already home to a The $18 million endeavor, referred13,500-square-foot facility includesstrong aerospace and aviation community. to as PGD AviEx, is being executed inmeeting and event space, a restaurant/ Tenants include avionics shops, aircraft three phases on an otherwise largelybar, leasable office suites, a pilot loungeservice providers, flight schools, a luxury undeveloped tract of land on the northand more space for FBO activities andcharter service, an air ambulance operator side of the airfield. Airport executives areaircraft parking on the new ramp. and a school for aircraft maintenance September 2022AirportImprovement.com'